Japan: Thrift Shopping


As I’m writing this, I’m waiting for my bus to go to a second hand shop or thrift shop here in my city, the shop store is called 2nd Street.

I haven’t told you but my coming to Japan is not planned, and I came here unprepared. I packed my things 2 days before my flight. Yas. It was crazy. I only brought one piece of luggage, a backpack and my passport. I wasn’t even aware of what things I had put in my luggage (jk it was my mom who packed my bag), but mostly we’re just long sleeves as they told me it’s winter in Japan. I didn’t even bother to research about the place I’m going to live nor the culture, all I know is that I’m going to Japan, its cold there and I’m gonna eat ramen (which I found out isn’t originally from Japan but from China lols).

So to make the story short, I ended up buying things I needed here, which is really hard for me as I’m a matipid and very kuripot person (thrifty lols).

But I also found out that there are thrift shops here where I can buy cheap things or not so cheap (yeah). And here are the details.

I’m from Hamamatsu City, and living just 15-30 minutes walk away from the station, depending on how fast or slow your walk is. All you need to do is go to the station, and find the bus stop, you have to go down the underpass and go up again, there are a lot of signs so it’s easy to find. Then try to look for stations number. The landmark is Aeon- Ichino, remember that there are 2 Aeon Malls in Hamamatsu or maybe three.

Station number 10, bus number 74 or 77, time schedule is every past 10 or 50 (e.g 6:10, 6:50) but different on weekends.

(I posted link below for Hamamatsu bus references: http://www.city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp/hamaeng/12traffic/12_2.html)

It is a 40 minute bus ride from the station and Aeon Ichino is the last stop so you don’t need to worry hat you might miss your destination. After you get off the bus infront of the mall, you jsut have to cross a road and voila! Enjoy shopping!

(the picture above is a map of station 11 and its route, they’re written in Japanese tho but Aeon Malls are written in romaji)

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the inside because I got too busy looking for stuff, and I wanted to buy something I can wear for my Kyoto travel this weekend. Yay!

(the shop also has collectors items, appliances, electronics, DVDs, furniture, beauty products, sports gear/items and many more, I think they everything even food lol)

In the end, I bought 10 pieces of socks which are unused (they also sell brand new stuffs), a piece of trench coat which I know I can use next spring, some cute outfits and a very cute scarf! (Japan has too many cute stuff I can’t get enough of but I have to save lols). I’ll update this blog with photos of the stuff I bought and the complete map of the area.

(unlike Philippines who has waiting sheds, bus stations here are just standees like the picture above, it was hard to notice at first but you’ll get used to it.)


I also have a funny story I wanna share going home. I went to the bus stop at 7:20 and just missed the 7:15 bus but no worries since there was another bus coming at 7:50, I just had to wait 30 minutes (and it was freezing!), so as I was hooked with my phone, I notice that the bus stopped infornt of me already and I just stood there and looked at it as it closed its door and gone, then I remembered ohhh da*m that was the bus! Like literally I let it passed me and I just stared and didn’t move an inch (antanga bes). SO I checked the next bus schedule and it says 8:50 so I have to wait for an hour before the next bus, so I decided to go to a supermarket beside the shop and ate pizza and bought some groceries as well. And the funny thing here is that I bought lots of groceries but the shop doesn’t give big shopping bags, they only have small plastics  (selopeyn, yes, selopeyn). I as so pissed but I can’t do anything as I can’t speak Japanese. And even if I do, Japan is so strict when it comes to rules. So I ended up putting my groceries on top of the clothes that I bought.

I waited for the bus again and paid attention this time, I went back home ten past 10 and I was so tired but still manage to look and try the things I bought, I was so happy! I can say that the clothes I already have here in Japan are consists of 50% H&M, 20% Uniqlo, 10% Japan brands, 10% 2nd Street and 10% are my old ones lol. ( I don’t usually spend too much on things I know I won’t need, the most expensive clothing that  I bought here is something I could use for work and it cost me 17,000 JPN, that’s Php 8,000 and I have no regrets because it was worth it).

So this is just another ordinary day for me. Do you also like thrift shopping?


Bored Sensei.


2 thoughts on “Japan: Thrift Shopping

    1. hahaha yung tipong kapag mahal yung item lalabas agad ng shop 😂 sa pinas I seldom go to H&M kasi mahal na para sakin, pero here in Japan yun na pinakamura na kaya king bilhin 😭


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