Journal: Having Japanese Friends ðŸ˜‹


We usually use this phrase after working hours or after we did something about work in the office. At first I find it strange and pretty cute to say otsukaresama after doing a task, but it’s quite pretty good, it feels everyone is being respectful and valuable  of work.

This month was pretty tough for me, we had lots of activities at work, lessons to prepare and I also got sick (it wasn’t that bad because I already drank medicine before it got worst). But having Japanese friend is really cool, you get invited of too many parties and since it’s winter, I got too many nabemono invitations.

Attending a party in Japan is different from other countries tho, in Philippines when you invite people to come over it means you already prepared for everything and they just have to eat, enjoy and even take out food lol, but from what I have experience so far during my one year of stay here, the host will ask help from guest from buying stuffs to cooking, also during and after the party, everyone is going to help cleaning and washing the dishes too after eating(I think I have mentioned this to my other blog). And not only that, after the party, the host will split the bill and the guests have to give their share, if this happens in Philippines, I can imagine how the people would react lol. But Japanese party is the best, it’s chill and fun.

November 26, 2017

After work I went home and just changed clothes then Junichi picked us up, we went together at Hajime’s house. He’ll be hosting a welcome party for his homestay guest from Australia. We arrived at H’s house and the party was just about to start. The nabe is ready and so our stomach (mine was shouting at me already lol). We started by eating the nabe and I asked for a bowl of rice, I do love rice, and everyone’s asked for one too (oopps), then we had fun games like 369 but we stopped after H’s nose bled (it was an accident). We decided to clean up and prepare the next round (dessert time!).

(The pictures above show how we helped the host Hajime to clean up and wash the dishes before eating dessert.)

(Since Iza is a vegetarian, they cooked a different nabe for her and she was so happy about it. She also bought vodka, she’s German, sooo.)

H’s father also made us Oden which is a Japanese one pot winter dish consisting of several stuff like boiled eggs, daikon, ko jack and processed fishcakes. I had tried Anpan man and it was delicious oishi katta! It tastes like fishball, I missed home .

I ate a lot and tho I wasn’t feeling well, I drank a bit of vodka and had a blast with them. After we cleaned everything’s up we finally ate the dessert which I’m really looking forward to that day! yum!

Winter season is really great if you have local friends lol.

Bored Sensei


8 thoughts on “Journal: Having Japanese Friends ðŸ˜‹

  1. Wow! Reading it made me like experience it, hanging out, and dining the Japanese way. I already knew about the splitting of bills thing, but the helping the host prepare everything up to washing the dishes kind of surprised me because I didn’t know about it, yet it’s relate-able as we sometimes practice it here. So, thank you for sharing your experience. I hope you’ll share more stuff like this. 🙂

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    1. at first I thought sa aming magkakaibigan lang xa but then after attending too many house party I realized they’re all the same. I guess it’s their culture, one more thing sa loob ng classroom every after class ,lahat ng bata nililinis kalat nila and pati table pinupunasan. Naka katie’s ☺️ Thank you for reading this, marami pa ako gusto ishare kaso medyo tamad pa magsulat, kakasimula ko lang din ☺️


      1. Nakakabilib naman. Di nalalayo ang culture nila sa atin, I believe, because they’re known to be polite. Sa atin kasi merong din ganun, yung nagtutulungan, although parang 50-50 na lang these days. 😀
        And yes, please share more, para kahit dito man lang, naeexperience ko and all your other readers how it’s like beign there. 🙂

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      2. Yeyy! Di ko alam pero nang dahil sa work ko, gusto ko magkaroon ng idea about dyan kahit sa picture man lang. Sa fb or instagram kasi, mostly tourist spot lang nakikita. Iba pa rin yung kwento talaga.

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