An Anniversary Gift From Mt. Fuji.


First 365 days in Japan completed!

Yesterday I was so ecstatic and excited to go to work, I woke up earlier than usual, finished a blog, cooked and ate breakfast, took a shower and walked to the station. Every Wednesday I usually go to Shizuoka City to teach in a hotel, it’s just 30 minutes by Shinkansen but an hour and 30 minutes by local train. I usually take the shinkansen because I’m rich (nah just kidding) we actually have travel allowance (Â¥50,000/monthly) and even if I don’t use it, I couldn’t convert it to cash so why not use it?

Oh btw, the hotel I am teaching is Nippondaira Hotel. It is a five star hotel famous in Shizuoka Prefecture because of its amazing view, the World Cultural Heritage Site, the highest mountain in Japan which is Mt. Fuji, the deepest bay which is Suruga Bay and the night view of the city. To get to the hotel you have to ride a shuttle bus provided by the hotel and it is a 40-50 minutes ride from the station, the hotel is located on top of the mountain so the scenery is beautiful, but I am not a fan because I have car sickness (at ayoko ng paikot ikot, sawa na ako ako jan).

I have to use mask every time to protect myself, there’s a lot of sneezing and coughing during this season and I can’t afford to get sick again. Mas maganda na ikaw na ang umiwas bago ka masaktan char.

I usually arrive in the station 20 minutes early so I have to wait for the shuttle bus, feed some pigeons and remind myself not to miss the bus (because it only arrive every 50 minutes) and I can’t afford to go there by taxi, last time it cost me Â¥5,000 and I almost had a heart attack.

I have been teaching in the Hotel for 7 months now but never in the history I have seen Mt. Fuji. She was always there but it always happen that when I go, she goes to bed early, it was rainy, the weather wasn’t t good and a lot of reasons. But yesterday, I was so surprise when I entered the lobby and welcomed by the majestic view of Mt. Fuji covered with snow. I literally ignored the person incharge of welcoming the guests and go directly to the floor to ceiling window of the hotel. I was talking to myself like crazy saying how beautiful it was. Then I wondered why only now? Was it because it’s my anniversary? lol Did she show herself to me because she knew? lol

Usually I got to the lobby first and ask them to call the manager (she’s incharge of the English class) and she would accompany me to the my classroom, but today she picked me up like a kid infront of the big window and we went together to the room.

(photo credit: Norihisa Yamaga)

I usually have 2 sets of 50 minute class and there are 10 students each but today only 3 students each class attended. December is peak season so I understand why.

After my class, I said goodbye to Mt. Fuji and the manager took me to the shuttle bus. I felt extremely happy and overwhelmed today. I looked back for all the things that had happened to me here. I bought Pablo Nude tart before going back to school, and I said thank you to my manager and counselor for bearing a year with me.

While eating the tart, we all argued (not really an argument because it doesn’t exist in Japan) if the tart was mango flavored or lemon then we found out it was apricot lols. I also told them that I saw Mt. Fuji and they asked me if I had a wish, I learned that when you see Mt. Fuji you are entitled of one wish, and as of now I still doesn’t have one. I dunno. Was it because I’m already contented with what I have? Or was it because I have too many and I’m still weighing which one weighs the most?

Anyways, my first year in Japan has finally ended and I’m looking forward for another year. I had too many experiences and stories to share, I learned too many lesson and had a lot of firsts. I also had too many sad and emo nights, but I survived! I had too many ngarag and nerve wrecking moments at school but I made it! I had too many sleepless nights doing nothing and sleepless nights cramming for thi ga if I am always exited. I know big changes will happen in our company, but I am always excited and looking forward for another year.

To more adventures and succes. Kampai!

(insert wine here)

ohhh btw

If you are entitled of one wish, what will you wish for? Why?

Bored Sensei.


35 thoughts on “An Anniversary Gift From Mt. Fuji.

      1. I haven’t tried it in Manila 😂 the nude one (they call it the basic) is the one in the picture (it’s apricot flavor tho) 😂 because they sell different flavors here like chocolate, matcha, vanilla etc.


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