How I Came To Japan.

So this morning I received a message from someone asking me about my background before I came here in Japan. It wasn’t a big deal because people usually ask me questions like  “How did you get there (by plane), “How did you get the job (I applied and submit requirements), “How did you pass? (because?!!), “How much did you spend? (ahm wait), etc. especially my friends and people I know, and people I don’t even remember how I get acquainted with lols. During my first months here, I was bombarded with questions on facebook  and social media (I didn’t tell everyone I’m leaving except my family and boyfriend) so they were all shock and surprised that I’m already here (showbiz ganern). So to give a simple erm answer how I came here, I’m gonna write this so people just have an idea.

It all started when my friends and I made a plan to get a passport together (it was our first time, traveling abroad wasn’t in my dictionary that time, I have priorities lol) so after we got our passport, Kate thought of looking for a job abroad and she found this website ( and applied for a teaching job in different agencies, that was June 2016. She was asking me to go with her but I was currently busy with my new job in Makati. It was an international company and the pay was double compare to our regular job so I was quite contented. To make the story short, she pursued her goal and after 4 months of waiting, she finally came to Japan in October 2016.

It was November when I got convinced and tried submitting my resume. I wasn’t informed that when you pass your resume, you’ll do the demo. I was shookt haha. I could do an impromptu demo but I didn’t want to, future nakasalalay dito bes. So I came back when I was ready and did the demo, during that day it was unusual because there were 8 people observing inside the room (parang demo ng DepEd nakakaiyak), it was only that day that it happened according to sources. How unlucky lol.


I guess we are a lucky batch since after just a week of waiting, we were chosen and told that we passed the demo and was chosen by the employer here in Japan. Usually it will take 3-4 months of waiting before you get the result. I dunno if we were lucky or not lol. We were told that if we pass the initial and final interview, we will go to Japan in 2 weeks time. IN 2 WEEKS.

The normal process:

1. APPLY  (resume, diploma, certificates, Certificate of Employment, NBI, Passport, Pictures, clearance) (And one thing, you must be recommended by someone, and in my case it was Kate)

2. Screening/Initial interview + Examination (just random questions like why do you want to apply and tell me something about you)

2.Demo lesson (do the demo infront of the camera and just be perky)

3. Wait for employer’s approval (they will send the video of the demo to Japan, usually it will take 3-4 months)

4. Briefing (salary and what to expect kinda thing)

5. Wait until they complete atleast 100 applicants to complete the batch

5. Final interview

6. Contract signing

7. 3 days training

8. Completion of requirements

9. Medical Check

10. POEA/OWWA Seminar

11. Another briefing and Departure

So they call our batch the lucky  9 because of the following

  1. We didn’t have to wait for months  for the result
  2. They did a special training for 9 people which usually has 100 participants
  3. We were given choices, to fly in 2 weeks or wait for another 3 months

So I decided to leave 2nd week of December although I wasn’t ready, I can’t afford to let the opportunity pass because I wasn’t ready. I was so stressed during those times because of the following 1. I still have a job 2. completing the requirements was difficult because I have to do excuses at work like I have to meet a client, I have meeting with someone etc. 3. I had a problem with my medical, I wasn’t sick but I went back to the clinic back and fort for 2 weeks (can you imagine Pasig to Makati?) 4. I got my medical clearance 2 days before my flight 5. I don’t have a luggage (for real!), so I have to rush buying stuff (haggardosa versosa!) 6. I have to inform my parents about this  and explain why it was so sudden and they wouldn’t believe me, my mom also accused me of working as an entertainer in Japan lol 7. my parents have to go to my place, my mom coming from Bikol and my dad from Ilocos 8. How can I explain this to my cats? 9. I don’t have enough clothes for winter! 10. I don’t have enough money to survive 2 months in Japan, they explained that we’ll receive our first salary on our 2nd month (ano na bes?!).

After the stressful week, I oppps THEY managed to finish all my stuff, my friend bought me luggage, my mom bought me clothes and did the packing, my boyfriend was with me all the time from submitting my resume to getting my ticket and driving me to places, my friends and manager covered me up for meeting and attendance at work. It was only the day before my flight I sent a resignation letter, have seen my luggage and ticket. It was a crazy experience but I made it! I am so blessed to have these people around me.

So there are different ways to get a teaching job in Japan, like find a licensed agency, apply directly to the company or get a tourist visa then find a job (but that is too difficult).

Here are some requirements and responsibilities in my company, they also accept direct applicants and online applicants.

Prospective Candidates:

1. Have an interest in Japanese culture and working with Japanese people.

2. Have excellent communication skills and are eager to learn new things.

3. Are patient, friendly and flexible.

4. Are careful and thoughtful.

5. Are team players and proactively support others.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher from an English speaking country.
  2. Be able to work for a minimum of one year.
  3. TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA experience (at least 120 hours) or equivalent certificate is favorable.
  4. Completed all education in an English speaking country.
  5. Teaching experience and instructor training experience are favorable.
  6. Student visas and working holiday visas will be considered.

Main duties and responsibilities

  1. Teach students following the company curriculum and teaching methodology offering attractive lessons for students.
  2. Evaluate students.
  3. Complete and update daily teaching records.
  4. Counsel students about contract renewals and future courses.
  5. Attend the required meetings, seminars and other activities.

Process for direct applicants:

1. Apply (fill out some form)

2. Submit documents

3. Screening (only applicants who passed the screening will be contacted for an interview)

4. Interview

5. Offer of employment

6. Visa/Air (for overseas applicants)

I know it seems that there are lot of things to do but for me they are all worth it. Japan is an amazing country, not only because of its beautiful places, its amazing culture but the people itself. A year has passed so quickly and I haven’t explored half of its wonder, not even close to half. It’s has been a year but I am still amaze of everything.

Btw, we didn’t sleep the night before my flight and my flight was 7:00 am, we started drinking from 10:00 pm and went to NAIA directly 😂 I have the best team in the world, that’s my former manager and my seniors 😂

P.s forgive my bangs, I cut it myself 😂

Bored Sensei.


40 thoughts on “How I Came To Japan.

  1. I think my friend also did the same. She’s already on her 12th month in Japan teaching. 🙂 But anyways, God bless you on your endeavors there in Japan. 🙂

    Btw, you did great with your bangs. 🙂

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  2. I was searching for posts related to POEA and nakita ko to, buti nalang. 🙂 Required be yung TOEFL or other certificates for employement? I’m based in Bahrain pero wala akong ganun na cert hahaha thanks in advance! ❤


    1. I actually don’t have a TOEFL certificate but I have a license in teaching plus experience teaching ESL. No problem, there were lots of company looking for teachers here but they prefer if you already have a working visa. Are you also teaching in Bahrain? I have friends there to 🙂

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      1. Thank you for the info. 🙂 Do you have a co-worker who’s from a province when he/she applied? I am thinking it would be difficult for me to apply since I am not currently living in Manila…


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