30DWC Day 3: See You Philippines!


I am NOT going back to Philippines again. This post was written before my flight to Ph but wasn’t able to publish since I got too busy already. I never had a chance to visit my blog the entire time I was in my country. I only had 14 days so I enjoyed every moment I had when I was there.

Why am I publishing it today? I was thinking of sharing another normal day for me here in Japan but I thought why not go back and finish unpublished drafts I have? So here it is, no edits and just the way it was the day I wrote it. πŸ˜€

***insert flashback background music

28th of December, 2017

And the long wait is over! I’m finally going back to Philippines (for 14 days).

Am I excited? MORE THAN. Yay!!! But since I’m bored right now, here’s my house to airport story.

My flight is at 9:00 o’clock in the evening but I left the house 11:50 in the MORNING, I booked a taxi my manager booked me a taxi last night and it arrived on time. The station is just 6 minutes away (by car) from home so I just paid 980 JPN (pangMakati na yun sa Pinas).

If you’re planning on taking a taxi in Japan, here are some tips:

1. You can book anytime, they are open 24 hours.Β But you must know how to speak Japanese. I am not sure if they have English operator.Β 

2. They arrive on time, infront of your house so no need to worry.Β Mine came exactly 11:50.

3. DO NOT OPEN the door yourself, let them DO IT for you. I opened the door today (for the second time) then he stopped me and said wait, opened it and bow (may rituals ganern so respeto mga beshy).

4. Don’t rush. In the PH I always rush getting in and out of the taxi because I don’t wanna make the taxi driver angry.Β And ang hirap sumakay ng taxi sa pinas, baka magbago pa isip ni kuya iwanan ako.Β 

5. AGAIN. Wait for the door to open, do not open it when you go out.

6. Always prepare extra cash. You never know. The last time I rode a taxi it cost me almost Β₯ 5,000 (imagine?!).

7. Taxi rates depends on time and city. My city starts at 690 flat rate.

I reached the station in just 6 minutes and waited for my bus. It’s freezing outside. Yesterday it even snowed.

I am really happy with my luggage cover, I got it from my ever favorite online shop, Amazon lol.

I got in my bus, which goes directly to Chubu Airport, I can actually go by shinkansen or local train but I find it too difficult to transfer trains while carrying all my stuff. Plus the bus has free wifi, it’s comfy and I have no worries missing my stop and worst missing my flight. You can book the bus in advance.

My purple tights matches the curtains and seat covers of the bus. I belong! lol

I’m wearing t-shirt and it’s winter. It’s freezing. Save me lol.

I reached Chubu Centrair at 2:50 in the afternoon, I left my stuff at a luggage storage (500 JPN) and wandered alone. I still have 6 hours left before my flight. Wondering why I went here earlier? When I was booking my bus, I was planning on leaving Hamamatsu at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, but the woman on the other side of the desk said last time the bus was delayed for three freaking hours, so to be safe, I booked 2 hours earlier. It is better to be early than miss my flight and spend 14 days in my apartment crying and watching everyone’s stories on social media. I will die for sure.

I went to the airport’s observatory deck but it was really windy and cold so I decided to go back inside.

I was really amazed inside Chubu airport, it doesn’t look like you’re inside an airport.

It was around 4:30 p.m when I decided to eat dinner, I chose M’s Dining because it has a good view of the observatory deck wherein they held illumination show every night. I wasn’t able to see it tho since I left early (the show starts at 5:30).

I ordered something I don’t even know the name was, it’s Japanese, luckily they have pictures lol. I wanna tell you more about my experience in this restaurant but I was thinking it deserve another blog post.

I finishes eating and got my luggage back from the storage and checked in the moment they opened the counter. I was like the 6th person in line so I was really happy. HAHA. My luggage exceeded 4 kilograms but they didn’t charge me, another yay!

The airpot has charging stations so I stayed there most of the time, I also met 2 fellow Filipinos. I met them while answering the forms, they kept on asking me questions about it (which I find strange now because I found out it wasn’t their first time to go back home hmmm). But they were nice, an old Japanese guy came and borrowed a charger from them, they had the conversation in Japanese because the guy doesn’t speak English. I felt jealous and silently wished I could speak the language so I could help people too. (I promise to work on it seriously this 2018).

I took a selfie with them for safety purposes lol. (I asked for permission tho). They gave me a box of chocolate, I was a bit hesitant to eat and asked them to eat first haha, I also gave them baumkuchen my student gave me.

After 10 thousand years…..

Finally I was inside the airplane already! It was my first time to fly with Cebupacific, there were lots of delay and transfer of boarding gate (*sigh), I also find the plane small and I panicked a little because I felt that I can’t breath, but I just ignored everything and listened to my songs.Β Eh wala eh, dun tayo sa mura at sa ikakaunlad ng ekonomiya lol.


It was cloudy and rainy the day I arrived but it was okay. Walakompake. Nakakakilig ang harana sa airport, tunay na nga na isa akong OFW! Hahaha. Nakakaiyak ng onte. Char.

My special one welcomed me with flowers.Β May pabulaklak si mayor! lol

We went directly to Eastwood City to get some beer and chill (I wanna try their colored beer but to my dismay it was closed already).

Ofcourse JOLIBEE! We ordered a bucket of chicken joy and while waiting I ate theseeee…..

And I’m HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s my cat, Princess – the bitchy one.

I missed everything! Especially my cats. Huhubels.

I will leave wordpress for the meantime and enjoy every single moments I am going to have in my loving country – Philippines. I am very excited! HOHOHO!

So that summarizes my Hamamatsu- Philippines journey. I hope you enjoyed reading haha.

*insertΒ sige ikembot song πŸ˜€


And finally, another post out of my drafts today. And that’s my 3rd post for my 30 day writing challenge – 27 more days to go. I’m actually loving this already lol. still GANBATTE!


Bored Sensei.

44 thoughts on “30DWC Day 3: See You Philippines!

  1. My favorite online shop is Amazon, too. πŸ˜€ your suitcase is super cute! I love it! That’s so sweet that your loved one welcomed you with flowers. ❀ Your cat is adorable!
    That food looks so good. Did you ever make the separate post for it? πŸ™‚ I'd love to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bakit mahirap? lols

      Usually nagbi-base ako sa pictures, from then naiimagine ko at naaalala yung mga pangyayari that day. Kaya I always take picture kahit simpleng sign board to keep track ng nangyari that day (then bahala na yung phone ko mag-update ng location lol).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Makakalimutin kasi ako. Saka hindi ako magaling magdescribe. Hindi ako articulate pati when it comes to words. πŸ™‚


  2. Yey. Hahaha inaabangan ko talaga to. Napa-emote ako ng konti sa line na to: “Nakakakilig ang harana sa airport, tunay na nga na isa akong OFW! Hahaha. Nakakaiyak ng onte. Char.” Iba talaga pag umuuwi diba, yung simoy ng maduming hangin. Hahahaha char

    Liked by 1 person

      1. May makukuha kang mura! manalig ka lang! saka sana naman mas mahabang oras naten kapag umuwi ka. mag-beach naman tayo!!! hahaha

        andito lang ako sa paligid. bakit nyo ko hinahanap, may concern ba kayo na masasagot ko? hahahaha


      2. Naks! May pabaong tan lines! hahaha! babalik agad ang puti mo bilang lagi kang balot dyan sa Japan! hahaha

        Mga next week na ako babalik, natatamad pa ako magbackread. hahaha


      3. true, simula Vigan hanggang Calaguas, feeling ko may built-in sunscreen ang balat ko sa sobrang pagbibilad ko πŸ˜€

        Maghihintay kami. Akala ko hindi ka na nakabalik from Baguio, yung ensaymada ko hinihintay ko pa rin.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Anak nang, anlayo ng Vigan to Calaguas!!! ahahahah. grabehan sa initan! hahaha

        Actually, bnlock ko kayong lahat. Chos! hahaha. may dala akong unicorn paguwi ko sa bahay naten next week πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Jusko saan kaya ako aabutin nang pakikidigma ko ngayon. dapat kasi di na kinakausap e. e tawag pa ng tawag at email pa ng email. huhuPAGIBIGhuhu


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