Japan Sukiya’s Hot Pot


It’s my second winter now in Japan and I’m still not getting used to the cold weather. Everyday I wake up I always complain “samui, samui, samui, mecha mecha samui!!!!”.

samui – cold,

mecha(slang/same meaning as totemo) – very or extremely

I AM COLD. (Watashi wa samui desu.)

I AM VERY COLD. (Watashi wa totemo samui desu.) or (Watashi wa meccha samui desu.)

It’s too ironic because during my entire life in the Ph, I used to complain how hot the weather is, I used to wish to have snow o winter in my country, I always stay in places that has ac and now I’m experiencing it, I still complain lol.

Forgive me.

But here are some of the reasons why I am not liking it, First, it’s very hard to get up in the morning and prepare for work, Secondly, I lessen my shower time to 3 days a week (that’s a major secret!),  Thirdly, I hate doing household chores such as washing the dishes and cooking! and Lastly, I have to eat faster than usual because my food gets cold faster, and being a Filipina, I love eating oily food such as adobo and nilaga which is not good.

So during this season, I tend to go out a lot or just buy bento boxes either at our local supermarket or konbini (convenience store). I also  usually go to my favorite Japanese restaurant – Sukiya, the largest chain of gyudon (beef bowl) restaurant in Japan. What I like about this restaurant is that they always have something new in their menu, and last month (December) I had a chance to try their Sukiya’s Hot Pot, but unfortunately when I came back this month they no longer have the said dish. But at least I got to try it!

When you happen to be in Japan and you wanna try Sukiya’s seasonal menu, you could easily see it because they put a special menu for it, they print it on the table and they also have big posters of it everywhere in the restaurant.


Or you could try their regulars, beef bowls, or basically rice bowl with food on top 😀 They have varieties of toppings to choose from, my favorite is their beef with three kinds of cheese toppings, you also get to choose the bowl sizes, prices starts at 210-720 JPN.



You ca also choose different sets of side dishes you can add to your order, from 70-180 JPN.

Upon entering, they’ll give you tea and tell you to just push the button and let me know
before I get the wrong idea and go, You’re gonna miss the freak that I control, so push the button – WAITTTT what? (That’s a song girl!).

Since it’s a fastfood restaurant, you won’t wait that long to get your order, perfect for me who only has an hour break from work.

What I also loved about this hot pot is that they served it with a flame burning the pot, I didn’t worry about it getting cold. Thumbs up! Don’t worry about the open flame – it’s fool-proof, hindi ka masasaktan char!

It has beef, noodles, a variety of vegetables, a side of rice, and a raw egg to stir in whenever you like. It’s actually a single order good for one person but the serving was good for 2 (for me). Pwedeng pwede sa mag-isang puso ngayong taglamig, at hindi ka rin mangangamba na manlamig sya sayong piling.

Wag kalimutang haluin at tikman bago manlamig, ahy hindi na nga pala manlalamig to.

You will also have an empty bowl just incase the soup gets too hot for you. Minsan maglaan din ng space, minsan okay lang na manlamig. Teka, para kanino ba to? lol

I will give this 9 out of 10, it’s not the usual soup I usually have (which are salty or tasty) it was sweet and savory.  It’s not also that expensive and the price is totally worth it.

You could check their website I linked below.

Link: Official Sukiya website

Store Hours: Open 24 hours

Location: You can see them everywhere in Japan

Take out: Yes (just say o-mochi kaeri)


Bored Sensei






26 thoughts on “Japan Sukiya’s Hot Pot

  1. I am always complaining about the cold and will stay in the shower until all of the hot water is gone because I can’t force myself to get out lol.
    The hot pot looks sooo delicious and the restaurant is so cute!


    1. Omg yes! If only I am not thinking of my water and gas bill, I would stay longer in the shower too!

      Have you tried a hot pot like this? Have you been to Japan? I wanna know ☺️


      1. Luckily, my apartment pays for the water and gas bill here!! Otherwise my water bill would make me bankrupt lol.
        Yes I have tried a hot pot like that but it probably wasn’t half as good as yours! If I could travel anywhere, I’d choose Japan for sure. I wish I’ve been before!


      2. Oh my gosh yes! My apartment is the only one I could find that didn’t charge for pets and I was allowed to have all 3. Everywhere else charges per cat and you can only have 2!
        I’m so happy for you!! And maybe a little jealous. ;D


  2. Ito talaga inaabangan ko dito, mga pagkain. hehe.. In fairness, ganda ng food presentations nila, and yung servings, ang lalaki.


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