30DWC Day 11: The Waiting Game.o

My last class exceeded 20 minutes but it’s normal for this student. He loves asking lots of question and basically studying. It was tiring but fun. I only had 2 classes today anyways.

The first class started at 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon. It’s a semi-private class with one student. We studied can, can’t, have to and don’t have to today. What I really like about this student is that he’s really eager to learn the language, he comes to school twice a week and he’s studying 2 different books, sometimes it’s already confusing in our part lol. He’s a self-confessed NEET, if you’re watching anime you know what a NEET is. But I have a feeling that he’s an elite neet because he doesn’t have work but he’s renting his own apartment, he always buys the latest big bikes and he’s planning to get another one Japan will launch on April, he can afford to study in our school and he’s studying 2 books. It’s just a feeling though. We exceeded 15 minutes today because it’s our first meeting this year, we talked about food he ate on winter holiday and he asked a lot of questions about Philippines.

I studied my lessons for tomorrow and Sunday as well, I will be working for 6 days this week. *sigh

So where’s the waiting game?


Today before I started work, I waited for our manager to finally start the meeting, I watched her do her usual routine, I waited and cleaned the school with the hoover.

We usually start the meeting 10 past 12:00 o’clock. That’s what we agreed about. But I waited and she waited until I finished cleaning too. It’s confusing.

After the meeting, I waited for my student and waited for the class to finish.

Our manager also asked me to sit in the lobby and wait for a student who’s going to Canada (our school also has study abroad program). I waited and she came on time, but my manager wasn’t finished fixing the computer yet, so we waited. Ugh.

I was starving. I waited for my lunch break.

After lunch break at 5:30 in the afternoon, I waited for my manager’s call. I have to stay in the lobby while she’s having her lunch. But I waited till 7:00 o’clock, it was an hour late. And she’s not going to have her lunch yet, she went out to get some letter posted, but she came back earlier than expected because she said she didn’t want to wait, the post office has a lot of people.

And I continued waiting for my last class at 8:00 o’clock. And he came. Just on time. We studied vocabularies and dependent clauses, but we focused on the vocabularies. I waited for him to make sentences using the words we studied, he usually take his time to make a sentence, like loooong time. But I’m patient and I waited.

But it’s not only that, after our class, our manager asked the student to read and sign something (a renewal contract maybe) so I patiently waited. It’s 20 past 9:00 o’clock already and I should be at home at this time. But I couldn’t leave just like that. So I waited. Then finally the students left, I did some cleaning already and locked all the drawers. But I still waited for our manager to go inside the room, I have to do the rituals “otsukaresamadeshita” and “osakini shitsurei shimasu” but I have been waiting for a bit longer already but still no sign of her. I couldn’t wait anymore, and decided to come out. But the long wait was over, she came. And I just said “otsukaresamadeshita” and “kioskete ne”.

And that’s how my day went. I will be waiting for 5 more days before my off. Ganbatte!

Bored Sensei.

P.S the featured image shows how much I waited, it feels like Christmas already haha. Anong petsa na? Pasko na!

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