30DWC Day 12: My First Japanese Lesson.

Konbanwa! (Good evening!)

I am really happy today, I was planning to study Japanese seriously for months now and I haven’t started anything yet until now. I started practicing writing katakana last year because they always require me to write my name in katakana, I was able to do it but just the letters of my name and the basic a, i, u, e, o. Yes, that’s the arrangement of their vowels, most of the times it confuses me and I still have to check google just to make sure the English one, but anyways they’re just the same a,ei,o,u or a,i,u,e,o. 

After class, I bought a book in a book store near my school then my nihonggo sensei picked me up infront of my school and we went to the nearest family restaurant near my house. We ate dinner first and started the lesson.

The first four pages of the book consists of basic Japanese greetings and expressions, we just had a short review on it because I already know most of them. The sensei would read the English translation and I would tell him the Japanese word for it. Here are some of them, I usually use them at work.

When I go out for lunch I would say “konbini, itte mairimasu” (I’m going to the convenience store/konbini), but remember that this expression is very polite. And they would response “hai, itterashai!” (yes, good luck!). And when I come back, I will use the expressions below.

You can use ittekimasu for a casual conversation.

And the commonly used expression of them all. Sumimasen.

We then practiced a normal conversation using sentences. I thought it was easy, but I find it difficult. Maybe I need to study more vocabulary words or the basic sentence constructions.

Firipin kara kimashita”.

“Mary-san, shumi wa nan desu ka?”

“eiga desu (movie), youga (English) o mimasu”  – read the  as wo.

So that’s all I can share for now, hopefully my passion for studying this language will lasts until I get my N1 JLPT License. HA HA HA. Maybe I’m dreaming, but I wanna claim it already. It would be a very long way but I can do it. Ganbatte!

And I’m hoping that my sensei won’t give up on me. Hoho.


Bored Sensei.


30 thoughts on “30DWC Day 12: My First Japanese Lesson.

  1. I used to have a nihongo learning blog. Its japanizegirl.wordpress.com. This made me miss my Nihongo classes before. I’m actually thinking if I should go back. It means I need to review again from the start. *SIGH*


  2. I suck at self-studying. I get lost and I lose motivation and I get easily distracted. 😦 But I was able to wing through a bit of Japanese basics. I think writing is the easiest part, but even when I already knew how to write katakana/hiragana, it still takes me years to read. 😦

    The crazy thing about Japanese sentence construction is because it’s too simple, it looks complex when approached from an English sentence point of view. Questions like “where’s the restroom?” in English is simply asked, トイレはどこですか? haha. But I stopped studying last year so I doubt I’d go anywhere near N5, let alone N1.

    But that’s just me. I believe you can make it all the way to N1! Ganbatte ne! ^_^

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    1. How long did it take before you master writing? I think I could do basic conversation but not with writing yet.

      Why not try taking N5? I’m not anywhere near N5 as well but having a goal motivates me hahahah. ありがとうございます!

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      1. Umm i think it took me several months din for the writing. But again, mabilis ako magsulat pero super bagal ko magbasa haha hindi kasi napa-praktis 😦 so i think you’ll learn faster because you’re in Japan and you get to immerse yourseld in the language everyday 🙂 teach us, sensei! 😀


  3. Tadaima Sensei! Hahaha. Hard. How do you pronounce that “lie” (you’re welcome/never mind)? Is it li-ye?

    What I actually wanna learn is Hangul. HAHAHA. #AlamNaThis #KdramaIsLifeu ❤

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    1. Okaeri! Teka, where have you been? Umaga na ah!

      You pronounce it as i-i-ye but faster.

      I had hangul lessons before, and it’s difficult. Or was it because I wasn’t that interested? lol. Ang hirap magsulat kasi you have to add add add add. Go inay! Try to learn new language 🙂

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  4. I tried studying it last year alone, and oh after a week I gave up. It’s really just hard when there’s no teacher çause their grammar is kinda confusing. 😦 Anyways, good luck on your learning. Ganbatte! ♥

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      1. sa youtube lang ko .. minsan iba iba sinasabi ng mga teacher, di ko na alam sino papaniwalaan ko . lol


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