30DWC Day 14: A Mini Chaos At School.


It was another manic Monday at school, I had three junior lessons and one semi-private lesson, and it was four consecutive classes. I didn’t even have the chance to go to toilet since I still have to do lobby talk and checking of workbook before we start. But I didn’t feel tired at all. Why?

It was 30 minutes past 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon when our manager received a call from 10th floor of the building, I didn’t mind it as I was busy preparing for the storm kids lessons. She went upstairs and when she came back she was carrying a box, she’s wearing the usual it-was-nothing-but-I-always-have-this-animated-surprised-look and she started speaking with her usual British accent, “Meh-ri? I think this is yours”, just imagine Emma Watson in The Harry Potter, I looked at her with are-you-kidding-me-I-didn’t-even-order-anything-look and she came to me and pointed out my name on the box. At first I thought it has something to do with my order which I returned last time, I was thinking it was a complimentary gift.

“Are you sure it’s for me? I didn’t order anything”.

“!@#$%^^&$&%*(@%*()#%&*@(*” she replied, it’s Japanese.

Our manager was still panicking when I saw my boyfriend’s name on the box! It was from him!

I calmed my manager by saying it’s for me.

“It’s for me. I do know him, but I wasn’t expecting anything. I wonder what’s inside”. My heart was beating fast at that moment. It was in total chaos actually. I wanted to grab someone and paghahampasin ng bongga sa kilig. lol

I was really excited when I was opening the box but then…

“Do you think it’s a bomb?!” she bursted out of a sudden while covering her ears with her fore fingers like it would save her if there was really a bomb.

I died.

I couldn’t.

I stopped unboxing it and decided just to do it at home, I wanted to laugh without stopping but I didn’t know if she was serious when she said that or not. I went back to what I was doing and tried hard to suppress my laughter but my heart and mind was in total chaos already.

Our manager also told me that the package caused a mini chaos on the 10th floor. It was because they weren’t expecting anything from that day, plus they couldn’t read the names as they were written in English. Our school is located on the 8th floor of the building, but the package was sent on the 10th floor. I could imagine their reactions “eeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh”, “hontoniiiiiiiii?” “so, so, so”, it always amuses me, especially when they’re answering telephone calls.

I am not sick. I was just having PMS haha.

This made my day, even though it caused chaos in my heart, in my stomach and in mind char. He never fails to make my day, I remember everytime I was pms-ing in the PH, he would always buy something to brighten up my day. And now that I am already far from him, he still doesn’t forget how to cure this evilness haha. I am indeed very lucky and blessed to have someone like him in my life. I do believe (in a Ms. Universe tone) that long distance relationship isn’t really that hard, as long as your love for each other is strong enough to travel miles and to grow more.


I think it all started when his mom sent me moody kit box from Bahrain 😀

These all came from his mom 😀







You know you’ve found true love when you catch yourself falling in love with the same person over and over again despite them being miles away from you.
– Anon





Bored Sensei.


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