30DWC Day 24: It’s Another Ordinary Thursday!


(Long time no see!)

I know. It’s has been three days since the last time I posted a blog and I admit I’ve been too lazy for the past few days, and today I did nothing but spend my holiday just watching random stuff on youtube (tell me I’m not the only one).

I woke up around three in the afternoon and first thing that came to my mind “goodness, what happened to Kayla now?”, I immediately turn my laptop on and checked Kayla (a story game a blogger I’ve been following here on wp started on facebook group page, chessekase) and her story. It’s currently undergoing so I can’t tell about it yet, but I am very excited and thrilled by just thinking what will happen to the story next.

Anyways, I also cooked carbonara for brunch, I usually put ham on it but today as I still have lots of chicken and they’re about to expire this week I cooked chicken instead. It’s my first time to cook chicken carbonara but I really liked it, I made enough until dinner and breakfast for tomorrow (that’s how lazy I am). I am still thinking if I’m gonna cook bento for tom’s lunch and dinner while cleaning my room.

I put all the unopened gifts I received recently in a box together with my moody kit box just to organize a bit, then I realized I have too much junk food, meh. I looked into my closet and I felt tired just looking at it, I just organized them last week but as I bought random stuff again (ugh) I haven’t taken off their paperbags and my closet looks really messy.

This is my moody kit box, this is where I put all my chips I bought in the Philippines and sweets my friends gave me as souvenir. They know how I love pocky because I always bring some when we go out.
These are gifts from students, manager, friends and boyfriend.
The mess.

So what kept me busy?


It was final test at school, I wasn’t the one who made the test papers though because they’re centralize all over Japan, but what stressed me out this day was that I wasn’t able to tell the students that we’re gonna have a final test today. I was worried and I didn’t wanna see crying babies in my class again. I know it’s my fault, so what I did before I let them take the exam we reviewed and played some games because they all get too excited whenever we’re having some games, and that would save them from crying while taking the test (my students cry when they find something difficult especially presentation and exams). Everything went well, no one cried and everyone got a perfect score, plus they were so happy when I told them we don’t have homework and no classes next week. YAY!

I ate so late but I felt happy after the classes.


It was off from work, it was sudden because we have a winter event happening on Saturday so we have to be present on Friday to do some preparation. I woke up the usual time, ate something I bought from the grocery store, watched related videos and documentaries about The True Cost and I didn’t notice I was crying while watching them. UGH. My conscience was killing me so I decided to stop watching it and planned how to stop myself from buying fast fashion. I was thinking of starting by reorganizing my closet.

But as planned yesterday, I went to the mall to buy some stuff. I first went to May One, it’s a mall above the station and I’ve seen a lot of chocolates because Valentines Day is approaching and there were lots of girls around prolly buying for their loved ones. I bought some necessities (really?), I was walking when I saw H&M and what I normally do before is enter and check what’s on sale, but today I imagined the people in the documentaries I have watched earlier, that stopped me from entering the store. I went to another mall infront of my school instead, I bought a piece of shirt for boyfriend that was on sale before I headed home. It was really cold, d**n.

I drank Strong Zero as I forced myself to sleep because I wanna go early tomorrow to Shizuoka, there’s a huge sale happening so I wanna check it out.


I woke up late as I slept late last night, actually I woke up early because I set too many alarms but failed to get up. Kill me. I went the usual time but still managed to arrive in Shizuoka a bit earlier so I still got the chance to visit the mall I was eyeing for, but as I still have this heavy feeling in my heart, everytime I look at the prices of the items in the store I couldn’t help thinking how these clothes or bags or shoes were made. I walked out the mall without buying anything even if they have cute bags for just 190 JPY or 89 PHP.  I went to the shuttle bus station and slept all the way to the hotel.

I only had 4 students today, I was overwhelmed by the crowd in the hotel, there were three buses full of tourists and that explains why I only have four students today. Ohh and I saw Mt. Fuji again, how’s that? I went back to the station and I was so happy because I didn’t sleep the whole forty minute ride because I was busy looking at Mt. Fuji, I didn’t know that I could still see it all the way to the station, maybe because I was always sleeping all the time plus today the sun sets too late so it wasn’t that dark. I bought sandwiches and chocolates and ate them inside the shinkansen on my way back to school. I finished doing paperworks and had my one hour break , I only ate pizzaman and a pudding I really love and waited for another hour before my work finished. I slept late again because I watched random videos again on youtube, it’s no longer healthy I know.

And that summarizes my four ordinary days here in Japan. I know they weren’t that busy but I have so much things in my mind, so much happening at school I couldn’t stop thinking. I can’t talk about them yet but hopefully things will be okay in the end, this is going to be another exciting yet thrilling year for me. Hopefully.

Bored Sensei.


11 thoughts on “30DWC Day 24: It’s Another Ordinary Thursday!

  1. I also skipped a day. I was too busy. But hey you are almost at your day 30. And you are doing a good job. ..With regards to.story game of Tfiob, i haven’t participated yet. I would love to but don’t have spare time at the moment

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  2. You are right… everything will be okay! You’re going to have a great year!
    P.S. I watched a documentary like that about the young girls in Malaysia who sew rugs for America & I cried, too. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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