Japanese Sweets: Puccho Soda.

On my blog post, click here, I have mentioned that every Wednesday I teach outside school and that I have to travel by bullet train for 30 minutes and 40 minutes by bus which I really find stressful, because I don’t like traveling. So every time I go there, I always make sure I have candies or something to chew while traveling, I usually buy mentos or any chewing gum, but last Wednesday I grabbed this Puccho Soda and I thought it was a chewing gum. I was surprised because it tastes really good and it slowly melts in my mouth. It tastes soda, of course, and you can really feel that fizz effect you get when you drink soda. I love the fizzling sensation every time I bite and it also has this small gummies inside that added flavor to it.

I asked my Japanese friends and they said it’s really popular here and they all love it.

If you’re familiar with Starbust, it looks a lot like this. The only thing I hate about it is that it is so good that I can finish the whole pack in one sitting, I love binge eating puccho! I highly recommend that you try this when you visit Japan.

Puccho (ぷっちょ Puccho) is a chewy Japanese confectionery made and sold by UHA Mikakutō Co. Ltd. (味覚糖株式会社UHA Mikakutō Kabushiki Gaisha, UHA – Unique Human Adventure). There are two types of Pucchos: stick type (Puru Puccho, Shuwa Puccho, and Suppa Puccho) and puccho gumi. Both types come in many different flavors. There are also ten flavors that are unique to certain regions in Japan, which is common among Japanese candy.

There are many flavors of puccho, including: cola, grape, orange, lemon, yoghurt, blue cream soda, blueberry, cherry, peach, mango, melon soda, and pineapple.

The gummi puccho squares are a unique consistency similar to a combination of gummy bears and taffy. They often contain gummy “balls” of flavor that are more chewy than the rest of the square. In addition to these balls, there are also “fizz” balls that mimic the carbonation of their soda derivatives.

Ingredients Millet jelly, sugar, soy bean oil, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, milk protein, xylitol, cellulose, gum arabic, sodium bicarbonate, flavor, calcium


Bored Sensei.


30DWC Day 21: Greek Chicken Recipe

*I am writing this on Thursday but I will publish it to cover my three days backlog on My 30 Day Writing Challenge. Gomenne.


I finally got the chance to cook some decent food, I’ve been eating out a lot recently so I decided to cook something plus Mondays are busy days so to keep me energetic and full the whole day, cooking is a good option rather than just eating convenience stores onigiri. I only have some potatoes and chicken in my fridge so I decided to just cook adobo. But I ran out of soy sauce, I only found out later when i was about to pour vinegar and soy sauce on it. I panicked and I decided to just google recipes on the internet and I found this Greek Chicken recipe.



  1. In a glass dish, mix the olive oil, garlic, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and lemon juice. Place the chicken pieces in the mixture, cover, and marinate in the refrigerator 8 hours or overnight.
  2. Preheat grill for high heat.
  3. Lightly oil the grill grate. Place chicken on the grill, and discard the marinade. Cook chicken pieces up to 15 minutes per side, until juices run clear. Smaller pieces will not take as long.


I didn’t follow the directions stated above, unfortunately I don’t have an oven at the moment so what I did is just cook it on the stove, I put an extra 1/2 cup of water after I stir fried the chicken and put all the ingredients.

I ate some for brunch I really loved it, I wasn’t so sure of what would it taste like because I haven’t tried cooking any Greek recipe before but I do love it. I brought some at school for dinner and ate it with a cod roe soup pasta I bought from 7/11.

This is going to be my first recipe review and living alone in a foreign country really forces me  not just to learn the basic of cooking but also hundreds of ways how to cook adobo, nialag and tsamba recipes I learned when I was in college.

Have you tried cooking something you haven’t done before and ended up being your favorite recipe? What is it?


Bored Sensei.

30DWC Day 19: Teriyaki Hamburger and Sunny Side Up

If you’re a busy person just like me (sometimes) and have no time to prepare your bento, konbini stores are really a big help to stop the war in our stomach during rush hours. And if you’re in Japan, waiting for your bus or train, finding a seat or benches to eat your take-out food is really a big problem. BUT, don’t worry because Japan convenience stores knows exactly what to do, they have easy to eat food like onigiri, sandwiches, sushi, etc. And las time I tried onigirazu I really liked it and promised myself to try all of them. So today’s onigirazu is a Teriyaki Hamburger &Sunny Side up.

I think there’s no need to explain what’s inside because 😀

It was really delicious but comparing to the Spam Onigirazu I have tried last time, I prefer the first one. Maybe because it was tastier or it’s just that I am inlove with Jollibee Jolly burger lol. You can buy it for 240 JPY plus tax, and it’s enough to fill an empty stomach.

I paired it with Boss coffee, and ofcourse a great view of Mt. Fuji. Ohh, LIFE.


Where would you like to drink your coffe btw? And with who? I want to have coffee infront ot the Eiffel Tower someday, holding that cup with my left hand with a wedding ring on it (naks! hint 101 hahahahahaha) 🙂


Bored Sensei.



30DWC Day 8: My Boyfriend Made Sushi For Me.


(Thank you for this meal-even tho I ate it virtually).

So today I received an urgent call from my boyfriend, I thought it was something really urgent. I couldn’t pick up the phone that time because I was in a restaurant and busy eating (I have to finish a meal in 20 minutes). He was asking what “dashi” is.

At first I thought he was just doing his website or just randomly asking words he saw that day. I came back home after work (it wasn’t busy, I only had one lesson and did some paperworks) but went out again because Iza and Hajime picked me up, it was a surprised visit, they asked me to go out with them. So I was in a hurry, I changed my clothes, I didn’t want to eat out with my suit because I still have to use it the next morning, and eating in a Japanese restaurant means getting a lot of food smoke. It was too late to notice that I’ve left my phone at home. We went to a yakiniku restaurant and I’ve met Iza’s boyfriend for the first time. He was so shy but later on he started talking to us.

I came back home around 11:30ish and hurriedly searched for my phone, I knew it, he was calling me the whole time. There were myriads of phone calls. I called him and I knew he was upset. After telling him what had happened, he told me he made some sushi for me, and he wanted to surprise me but I wasn’t answering his calls. Gommennasai.

I felt bad today, I could see how sad he was while talking to him. But I know, I know hundreds of ways to make him smile. And it never fails. He even laughed and we went back to the normal talking like nothing happened. Ohhh how I love this person! He even made a blog because I asked him to. He’s not fond of writing or doing things like this, but he’s trying. And I’m loving him more. He always do things to make me smile. He never fails to make my day complete by his simple acts. I know he would be mad about this but this is his little world- Koibito.

So that’s how my day ended. Happy? YES. More than.

How about you? What happened to your day? Did someone made you smile or extremely happy today? Or did you make someone mad? Did a friend of yours gave you a surprised visit?

Bored Sensei,

Grocery Day: Meat Prices in Japan!

Every day off, I schedule at least an hour or two of my time to buy some groceries I could eat for the next few days. I am not that kind of person who would make a grocery list nor plan my meal for the whole week, I ain’t got time for that. I just get what I see and feel of eating for the week. And last night, I was craving for sinigang. And as ran out of meat, I decided to buy some and to give you an idea of the normal prices of meat here in Japan, here are some images of the meat I usually buy in the grocery store.

There are things that I feel (or every foreigner) that are overpriced in Japan such as taxi fare, rice, fruits, movie tickets, meat and PIZZA!

I am not complaining tho because I know the quality is all worth it. Let’s take a look 🙂

Pork strips, great when you’re craving for nabe or shabu shabu. Average price: 200 JPN and up.

Gizzard, chicken legs and chicken breast. Average price 150 JPN and up.

If you see the red sticker, it means the item is 50% off, so instead of paying 575.54 JPN, you’ll only be paying 287.77 JPN.

Be careful with the prices, 533  + 8% tax (42.64) = 575.64 JPN

Pork chop average price: 300 JPN

Pork chop average price: 300 JPN up. Why? Because of trade barriers.

And here’s the reason why I can’t cook sinigang, the kind of meat I need is very expensive.

Don’t worry because they always have sale, usually an hour before the store closing time, they put stickers on the items and you are done for the day 🙂

This beef original price was 1544.40 down to 500 JPN. You saved 1000 JPN.

These are ready to cook meat. My favorite one is the chicken wings curry, they didn’t sell it today, but this pork with white sesame is also good. The original price was 1058.40 down to 500 JPN, it’s just strange because the item above has 50% off sticker but the item below doesn’t have one. So if I’m going to buy this, I would choose the first one, I will save almost 700 JPN (please don’t judge my mathematical ability lol).

As for fish prices, it always depends on the kind of meat you’ll be getting. I usually buy salmon since it’s cheaper than galunggong, I came late so there were no more salmon left for me. If you would notice 2 sticker in the item, it means 20% off, if it’s 3 it means 30% off. We just learned that recently after asking someone from the store.


  1. Look for discounts and compare prices per net weight
  2. There’s always a big discount an hour before the store closes
  3. Some stores have LINE and you can receive updates on the sales item for the week
  4. Grocery stores has general sales days for fresh food (my favorite grocery store is on Tuesdays, they sell everything for 88 JPN!)
  5. You should also know the day your grocery store closes every month (mine is every last Wednesday of the month.
  6. Check the expiration date of the item and if it near the date, ask for a big discount
  7. Always add 8% of the price on your calculation or just have extra cash with you at all time 😀


Bored Sensei.




Japan Sukiya’s Hot Pot


It’s my second winter now in Japan and I’m still not getting used to the cold weather. Everyday I wake up I always complain “samui, samui, samui, mecha mecha samui!!!!”.

samui – cold,

mecha(slang/same meaning as totemo) – very or extremely

I AM COLD. (Watashi wa samui desu.)

I AM VERY COLD. (Watashi wa totemo samui desu.) or (Watashi wa meccha samui desu.)

It’s too ironic because during my entire life in the Ph, I used to complain how hot the weather is, I used to wish to have snow o winter in my country, I always stay in places that has ac and now I’m experiencing it, I still complain lol.

Forgive me.

But here are some of the reasons why I am not liking it, First, it’s very hard to get up in the morning and prepare for work, Secondly, I lessen my shower time to 3 days a week (that’s a major secret!),  Thirdly, I hate doing household chores such as washing the dishes and cooking! and Lastly, I have to eat faster than usual because my food gets cold faster, and being a Filipina, I love eating oily food such as adobo and nilaga which is not good.

So during this season, I tend to go out a lot or just buy bento boxes either at our local supermarket or konbini (convenience store). I also  usually go to my favorite Japanese restaurant – Sukiya, the largest chain of gyudon (beef bowl) restaurant in Japan. What I like about this restaurant is that they always have something new in their menu, and last month (December) I had a chance to try their Sukiya’s Hot Pot, but unfortunately when I came back this month they no longer have the said dish. But at least I got to try it!

When you happen to be in Japan and you wanna try Sukiya’s seasonal menu, you could easily see it because they put a special menu for it, they print it on the table and they also have big posters of it everywhere in the restaurant.


Or you could try their regulars, beef bowls, or basically rice bowl with food on top 😀 They have varieties of toppings to choose from, my favorite is their beef with three kinds of cheese toppings, you also get to choose the bowl sizes, prices starts at 210-720 JPN.



You ca also choose different sets of side dishes you can add to your order, from 70-180 JPN.

Upon entering, they’ll give you tea and tell you to just push the button and let me know
before I get the wrong idea and go, You’re gonna miss the freak that I control, so push the button – WAITTTT what? (That’s a song girl!).

Since it’s a fastfood restaurant, you won’t wait that long to get your order, perfect for me who only has an hour break from work.

What I also loved about this hot pot is that they served it with a flame burning the pot, I didn’t worry about it getting cold. Thumbs up! Don’t worry about the open flame – it’s fool-proof, hindi ka masasaktan char!

It has beef, noodles, a variety of vegetables, a side of rice, and a raw egg to stir in whenever you like. It’s actually a single order good for one person but the serving was good for 2 (for me). Pwedeng pwede sa mag-isang puso ngayong taglamig, at hindi ka rin mangangamba na manlamig sya sayong piling.

Wag kalimutang haluin at tikman bago manlamig, ahy hindi na nga pala manlalamig to.

You will also have an empty bowl just incase the soup gets too hot for you. Minsan maglaan din ng space, minsan okay lang na manlamig. Teka, para kanino ba to? lol

I will give this 9 out of 10, it’s not the usual soup I usually have (which are salty or tasty) it was sweet and savory.  It’s not also that expensive and the price is totally worth it.

You could check their website I linked below.

Link: Official Sukiya website

Store Hours: Open 24 hours

Location: You can see them everywhere in Japan

Take out: Yes (just say o-mochi kaeri)


Bored Sensei





Kyoto MATCHA-rap!


The weather is good, the sun is inviting, but it isn’t warm enough to eat ice cream. But I can share  my matcha stories in Kyoto.

Matcha has been gaining popularity abroad for the past few years and different countries are making their own matcha flavored recipe like frappe, cake, ice cream, tea etc. And if you are going to try matcha while traveling in Japan, the best place to go is Kyoto. Kyoto is home to Uji, a small city famous for producing matcha.

December 03, 2017

As we finished visiting Fushimi-inari shrine and some shrine close to it, we passed by this restaurant and what caught my attention is their matcha ice cream burger. When I was a kid, once we hear the familiar sound of our favorite sorbetes vendor (ice cream vendor) we would ran fast and shout out “teka lang po! bibili po kami!” to stop him from walking. So I asked them if they wanted to eat but to my dismay they were all full (we just finished eating sushi and some street food) but then I looked at Claudia’s shining eyes while looking at the burger. I blink slowly twice at her, nod slowly and we went inside together. But WAIT. I remember we don’t have any money! Claudia and I left it in the car because we were too excited to walk around. We went out again and saw the boys smiling “naze? you don’t have money?” and we all laughed. They lend us enough money to buy some and waited for the burger.

The place was good and the matcha ice cream burger too. The bun has matcha flavor in it too. I could say that the ice cream tastes like the ordinary matcha ice cream you could buy at convenience store but what makes it unique is that they mixed it with red beans and whipped cream and the combination was really good. Thumbs up. I feel nostalgic while eating it because I miss eating ice cream in a bun when I was a kid with my sister and brother. I also miss eating ice cream with boyfriend, we usually go down our unit (condo) to buy some ice cream at Family Mart which is at the ground floor of the building. (sob)

Price: 550 JPN

We also tried Taiyaki or “baked sea bream”, a Japanese fish-shaped cake with red bean paste inside made from sweetened azuki beans. It has other common fillings you can choose from like custard, chocolate, cheese or sweet potato but if you like unique ones you can try taiyaki with okonomiyaki, gyoza or sausage inside (I haven’t tried yet tho). Since we were in Kyoto, I tried the matcha taiyaki and it was good. I would definitely try it again next time, I’ve tried looking for a matcha taiyaki in Hamamatsu but I couldn’t find one. It’s definitely a must try.

Price: 110 JPN


And last but not the least, the Starbucks’s Matcha Tea Latte. You can buy it even at convenience store tho. It was good (everything for me is good btw lol) and I paired it with an Onigirazu, it is onigiri kinda thing but with different fillings. If you love Hawaiian Spam, this is for you. It is a rice with spam and egg fillings and wrapped with nori sheet (seaweed). You could also try making one at home since it seems easy to make one. You don’t need to form a triangle like the normal onigiri lols. It was good and easy to eat. It is good for picnic or simply snack anytime of the day.

Price: 230 JPN (Matcha Latte)

I forgot the price of Onigirazu but I’ll update this post. Gommenne.

So that ends my matcha story in Kyoto. I am hungry and craving now. (sigh)

How about you? What kind of matcha have you tried? Is it worth the price? How was it? Tell me. Tell me. Lol

Bored Sensei.

Walwal sa Japan 🙃

Recently I just posted a blog how I stole a snowflake when I got wasted and the flashback how I got that wasted. I also made a promise to myself not to walwal anymore. But as I was browsing my photo album last night, I saw these pictures and I thought of making a blog but then I was too sleepy and fell asleep with my wp open and a title Walwal sa Japan. So I’m writing this early in the morning haha after I woke up and saw this (it’s a good reminder lol).

August 7, 2017

Our company union was having this quarterly meeting and invited one participant each school, it wasn’t compulsary but since I was extra and always looking for a free travel, I volunteered as a participant from Hamamatsu ganern. The meeting will be held in 2 places, Osaka and Tokyo but in different dates but there was a memo that we should choose the venue nearer to our school. And since I am from Hamamatsu which is in the middle of Osaka and Tokyo, I had a hard time. If I’m gonna choose Osaka, it would be great since I haven’t travel there, I’ve been there but just Universal Studios, but I don’t know anyone from there so I would be traveling alone and I also heard that there is a walwal party after meeting so it would be better if I have friends to have walwal with (I’m using too much of this word). So I decided to choose Tokyo, I’ve been there many times already but Tokyo never fails to amaze me.

fast forward …

So I took 2 holidays since the meeting wasn’t counted as working day. I went to Tokyo prepared, I took the shinkansen and followed all the guides and maps that our manager gave me. I was so lucky because it so happened that one of the staff from the meeting had lunch and saw me on the streets holding a map so he guessed I was a participant and took me to the venue, I would definitely get lost because the place was too hard to find. In fact, almost half of the participants wasn’t able to made it on time because they got lost.

So the meeting was all about the people’s voices and stuff about the company. I also realized that these people came here for deeper and bigger reasons, that hey have issues and things to discuss about the company, while I came because I just wanted to travel for free and party for free (I felt bad). I just listened as they discussed and had a sharing moment in the room, I kept silent and just sympathize the whole time because I have nothing to share, I am very contented and blessed with my school and the people around me.

5:00 pm

After the meeting we went to an Izakaya just 10 minutes walk away from the place.

That was me and Sheena, a teacher from, ohh wait I forgot, maybe Northern part of Japan. She also doesn’t have any problem at school so we had fun that day. They came a day earlier and had their sightseeing already before the day of the meeting. They stayed in Tokyo for 2 days.

One thing I learned why they always order beer first before anything else when you go out with your friends even if you don’t drink or planning to drink something else, because it would entertain you while waiting and it was the easiest to serve, just open the bottle, pour each one a drink and do the ritual “kampai” and the party just officially started.

Sino ba hindi makakakilala kay Sapporo? Ang bespren ni Empoy 😀
My first time to taste Sake – Japanese wine

Higball kampai!

As a teacher, we know that there would always be different kind of groups inside the classroom or in general. We go to the group of people that we’re compatible with. And today we had 3 tables, table 1 – people who shares the same problem and issues in their workplace, table 2 – they have issues too but they were the palabans and may mga pinaglalaban, some of them were elected as the union’s officer plus they all smoke. Last but not the least our table, well we don’t have issues, we just went there to walwal and meet new friends lol. We all have different plans after the party, I will go sightseeing the next morning, some will go directly to the airport, some will meet their boyfriends and stuff. We had fun a lot and ordered everything from the menu (they said we can, it’s free so). We laughed hard, drank hard (I’ve tried sake for the first time), and talked about silly things we did in Japan so far, we also encouraged one of us to flirt with the cute Japanese guys serving us (not me tho).

We slowed down when they caught our attention, we’re being too noisy already and they accused us of being drunk already (hindi kaya!). Shinong lasheeng?! haha. I was having a good time but I knew I wasn’t that drunk yet, I can’t. I still have to go to my friends house and meet them.

So I decided to leave the party before I got too drunk and sleep there lols. I went to Akihabara to buy a new phone (naks yaman), I already needed one. Can you imagine I survived Japan in 8 months without a number? without mobile internet? So when I finally got a simcard last week, I decided to buy a new phone, finally!!!


Iba pa rin talaga kapag pinoy kawalwalan, syempre kapag English tameme ako charot.

I am too blessed, sa workplace, sa manager ko, sa mga katrabaho ko at students.

I should always be thankful and grateful for everything I have. I always wish na sana sa Tokyo ako, sana ganito ang counselor namin, but hearing stories from them, I realized na ang sweete ko pala.

Hindi lahat ng nagaabroad sineswerte, but always take chances.

Actually I had too many that day pero sakin na muna sila 🙂

Ano ang walwal kwento mo?

Bored Sensei.

Food I Will Eat in the Philippines.

Exactly 17 days from now I’m going back to Philippines. Yay!


Nah. Scratch that. I’m VERY EXCITED!

On the 28th of December, I’m finally going back to Philippines for my winter holiday. I am so excited I’m gonna make a list of food I wanted to eat when I go back. My contract already ended today (but I was renewed yay!) and I haven’t used any of my paid holidays yet, I am that workaholic lol, If they didn’t convinced/pushed me to use my summer holiday last September (that was 3 days) I wouldn’t use it. And I used them not for sightseeing nor vacation, I used it when I attended a school related seminar in Tokyo (nemen masipag).

I am so ready for these:

  1. JOLLIBEE (jolly spaghetti, chickenjoy, lumpiang shanghai, sundae) – I would never ever trade my jolly spaghetti for anything, I know it’s weird but this spaghetti is sweet, it’s Filipino way of cooking spaghetti. They said they made it sweet because kids love sweet food and kids will bring the parents to Jollibee and that is a good business lol.
  2. MANG INASAL (Chicken Inasal, Liempo Inasal and Mais Con Yelo) – this is a reward food for me when I was working in the PH, after we worked so hard or just simply hungry, going to Mang Inasal and indulge ourselves with their unli-rice menu. I’ve heard they do not have unli rice anymore but I would still definitely go there and eat.
  3.  Sisig – every region in Ph has their own version of sisig, my favorites are Ilocos version which is not crispy but sweet, they use pig’s brain instead of mayonnaise but that’s what makes it unique and Bikol’s sisig, this sisig is crispy and spicy, they use liver spread and mayonnaise, I love the combination.
  4. Lechon Baboy/Lechon Kawali na may Mang Tomas – I would definitely eat every fried food with Mang Tomas, Jufran Sweet Sauce and PAPA Banana Ketchup (yes, banana).
  5. Chooks To Go: this is no ordinary roasted chicken, this is the best!
  6. Vigan Empanada/Okoy –  or meat pie, but Vigan empanada is my favorite.
  7. Longganisa
  8. Tocinosilog, Porksilog, Longsilog – tocino with sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg), Pork (breaded) with egg and freid rice, Long for longganisa.
  9. Pancit Canton – yakisoba!
  10. Tinapa and Tuyo – dried fish
  11. Bagoong – since I moved to Bikol, I learned that you can eat Bagoong alamang with rice.
  12. Manggang Hilaw na may Alamang/Bagoong – unripe mango dipped with bagoong (since I am half-ilocano I love bagguong) it is a condiment made of either fermented fish  or krill  with salt.
  13. Bulalo –  a stew made primarily from beef shank and bone marrow, I love putting fish sauce with chili on it.
  14. Sinigang – it is a pork soured with tamarind or sometimes they used kamias or tree cucumber.
  15. Lugaw at Goto – Goto is the Filipino version of Congee while Lugaw is just simply Arroz Caldo or rice porridge.
  16. Chicharon
  17. Ilocos Bagnet –  a deep fried crispy pork belly dish that is similar to lechon kawali, I love to dip it in bagguong (mouth watery).
  18. Kare-Kare – a traditional  Filipino stew complimented with a thick savory peanut sauce, it would be perfect to eat with alamang.
  19. Street Food:
    1. kwek-kwek –  boiled quailed eggs coated with an orange batter and deep-fried until the batter is crispy
    2.  fishball-  
    3. kikiam
    4. dugo – grilled pig’s blood
    5.  isaw – chicken’s intestine
    6. adidas – chicken feet barbeque
    7. balunbalunan –  chicken’s gizzard
  20. Balut – a developing duck embryo that’s boiled and eaten in its shelf, you just have to close your eyes when eating this
  21. Puto at Dinuguan – pork offal (typically lungs, kidneys, intestines, ears, heart, and snout) stewed with blood.
  22. Halo- Halo – shaved iced with mixed fruits and stuff
  23. Tinola – a Filipino main dish best complimented with green papaya wedges or sayote and chili pepper leaves
  24. Bikol Express – pork slices cooked in coconut milk, shrimp past and lots of chili pepper 😀
  25.  Laingdried taro leaves cook with coconut milk, they put tuyo or tinapa dpending on the province.

I know my list isn’t enough and I still have lots of food in mind but these are a MUST to remind me on my 2 weeks holiday.

If there’s something you wanna add, tell me, baka nakalimutan ko then I would regret not eating it. I also wanna make a list of food I should bring (I CAN) when I go back like sinigang mix or magic sarap (haha). But for now I am too excited just seeing this list. Whoooo. PHILIPPINES!


P.S The photo is not a Filipino food, charot lang yan 😀


Bored Sensei

Sweet Ramen Escapade.

Thursday is an ordinary day for me, it’s my off from work, but I usually stay home and sleep.

Define nothing. (yawn)

But recently, I have been hanging out with new friends I met from a language exchange group. It was indeed a good decision for me to finally try it. So last night was kinda special. This girl from Germany (I’ve been hanging out with her these past few days already) invited me to join them star-gazing. It was new to me so why not. It’s unplanned. But I’m good with that. I can get ready in 10 minutes or less. Trust me.

While driving we decided to eat dinner first, we said we’re okay with anything and ended up with this ramen place.

(This place is 20 minutes drive from the station, and it’s 15 minutes away from my apartment. )

The weather was inviting for a hot, delicious and tasty ramen. My heart suddenly jumped when I saw the traditional tatami dining place (I forgot how to call it) I was very excited and grabbed the chance to eat there like a local.

(You have to remove your shoes when eating in some Japanese restaurants. And they’ll give you small and warm towel to clean your hands before eating. Sooooo nice)

The restaurant has limited set of food, like around 20 choices. Our Japanese friend read the menu for us, Iza is a vegetarian, and I am not. I chose the sweet ramen which is new to me. I came from a country who loves sweet food, sweet spaghetti, sweet meals and stuff.

(Some Japanese restaurants doesn’t have an English menu, but you can use google translate)

And the food finally arrived! I took a sip of my ramen and ohhhh it was really good. It was sweet but not too much. It was tasty as well and there’s something in it you can’t explain. It exceeded my expectation and it was really worth it.

I am really picky when it comes to ramen. The first time I ate ramen in Japan costs me 2,000 JPY and it was really really good. It was expensive but it was really worth it. After that wonderful ramen experience, I became very picky and tried to eat different ramen in Tokyo, Osaka and other places but I always ended up disappointed and looking for that taste I first had. At first I thought I would leave the place unsatisfied but I didn’t. I would definitely go back and try different ones.

(below is a picture of me, Hajime and Iza, you’ll definitely see them a lot on my posts because I hang out with them a lot lol)

Details: Shop name is Tadokoro Shoten, I ordered Enshuu Miso in sweet categories)


So that’s my sweet ramen escapade, I would definitely try it again especially this winter 😀


Bored Sensei.