Grocery Day: Tuesday Sale.

March 13, 2018 (Tuesday)

In my previous post, here, I mentioned that the grocery shop near my house has a weekly sale every Tuesday, so today I went earlier because I woke up early and I craved for Kaldereta I decided to go out on my pajama and grabbed some stuff. Here are some of the items I’ve got. I didn’t get lots of stuff since I just bought some grocery last Saturday along with my rice supply.

small banana 5 to 6 pcs.  – 88 JPY (95.04 with tax)

big DOLE banana 4 pcs.  – 198 JPY (213.84 with tax)

1 bag of tomato     –  198 JPY (213.84 with tax)

Yakisoba (2)  –  70 JPY (I forgot the exact price because I lost my receipt but I remember I got this on sale as well, the original price of this kind of yakisoba is 120 JY)

1 jar or olives – around 350 JPY (not on sale)

milk tea  –  70 JPY (original price around 120JPY)

butter cookies and choco chips – 88 JPY each = 176 JPY (190.08 with tax)

donuts – 128 JPY

Every Tuesday you can get almost all of the vegetables for 88 JPY, but you have to go early because there’s a lot of people and the supplies won’t last long. I got all the vegetables, except for the eggplant (198 JPY), for 88 JPY instead of their normal price 198 JPY.

I also remember that I still have this gc which I can use to pay for my purchase, but it was too late because I already paid. If you’re going to live Japan, you have to get point cards on every store that you usually go to because you can get points and you can use it to buy something from the store.

However, I dunno if I’ll be happy every time I’m getting this piece of paper, it’s really good because I can get free stuff BUT it only reminds me that I already had spent this amount on FOOD alone. The point system here is you can get 1 point for every 100 JPY that you spent on the store, so every time I reached 500 points it only means I already spent 50,000 JPY on grocery alone. And to think that I didn’t buy my rice supply twice. This is already my fourth gc, 4×500=2,000 JPY (200,000 JPY for 14 months). This amount doesn’t include my daily necessities e.g shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, etc. because I usually buy at Matsumoto Kiyoshi (pharmacy), because it’s way cheaper, it also does not include the food I always get from convenience store, make up, household items (100 Yen shop or Amazon), my online shopping and the money I spent eating out (atleast once a week).

If you can see the receipt above, here’s the explanation:

1,967 (Total)

157 (tax)

2,124 (Total with tax)

10,000 (my money)

7,880 (change)

325 (remaining points)

19 (points received for today’s bill 1,967)

344 (total number of points)

P.S If you happen to live in Japan, do you mind telling me if you find these things cheaper (because I’m really cheap and a hoarder of items on sale) or you find them way too much?