30DWC Day 22: Uniqlo Fitting Room.

February 06, 2018

I love shopping window shopping lang pala kasi wala nga pala akong pera, and being a normal girl, before buying something I love checking whether the clothes would fit me well, to see if it will look good on me or only in the mannequins or just simply wanna try them on. He he. And I do think that fitting rooms are playing a big role in persuading the costumers to buy a piece of clothing, like for instance, I went shopping with an officemate in Aeon mall and we found a lot of good stuff and tried them on but we were really disappointed because the lightning of the fitting room was really bad, it was hanging above us and we couldn’t even see the clothes properly, we also looked bad in the mirror. I ended up returning all the items and my friend just bought one piece of romper. There were also stores that would give you the illusion of being slim and tall in the mirror, you will look good when you try the clothes and will feel different when you try them at home. Sometimes I would ask myself “Did I just get fatter? I just tried them yesterday” haha.

Okay, so let’s move on with this story I’m gonna tell you. As I mentioned in my post I went out and bought a shirt for boyfriend and as didn’t have any idea about the sizes, I sent me a message and pictures of the clothes to him, but this young man here wanted me to try them on, like really?! (I usually borrow his shirts in the Ph haha). And I really hate fitting in Uniqlo’s (in my city) fitting room, why?

  1. I have to remove my shoes (but most of the stores in Japan does the same).
  2. I find it too small.
  3. They don’t have racks to put your clothes on.
  4. I HAVE TO WEAR A FACE COVER. They’ll give you face cover before you use the rooms, and you have to follow the instructions.

So I already tried the shirt on and sent him a message. And HE LAUGHED at me.

And that’s why I hated it.

Those were my stuff on the floor. They don’t have clothes rack.

I went out the fitting room after I finished and threw away the cover I used, paid for the shirt and went out the store while Auld Lang Syne was playing in the mall, it is to remind the shoppers that it is closing time already.

I still couldn’t get over how my boyfriend laughed at me while doing him a favor, he wasn’t aware of it because last time he went there the staff didn’t gave him face cover, I was thinking maybe because they didn’t have large face cover at that time. HAHAHAHAHA. Just kidding.

If you happen to have experienced fitting in Uniqlo in Japan, did you experience the same? Or is it only in my city? In my country (Philippines) it is a normal fitting room. How about in your country?

Bored Sensei.


30DWC Day 21: Greek Chicken Recipe

*I am writing this on Thursday but I will publish it to cover my three days backlog on My 30 Day Writing Challenge. Gomenne.


I finally got the chance to cook some decent food, I’ve been eating out a lot recently so I decided to cook something plus Mondays are busy days so to keep me energetic and full the whole day, cooking is a good option rather than just eating convenience stores onigiri. I only have some potatoes and chicken in my fridge so I decided to just cook adobo. But I ran out of soy sauce, I only found out later when i was about to pour vinegar and soy sauce on it. I panicked and I decided to just google recipes on the internet and I found this Greek Chicken recipe.



  1. In a glass dish, mix the olive oil, garlic, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and lemon juice. Place the chicken pieces in the mixture, cover, and marinate in the refrigerator 8 hours or overnight.
  2. Preheat grill for high heat.
  3. Lightly oil the grill grate. Place chicken on the grill, and discard the marinade. Cook chicken pieces up to 15 minutes per side, until juices run clear. Smaller pieces will not take as long.


I didn’t follow the directions stated above, unfortunately I don’t have an oven at the moment so what I did is just cook it on the stove, I put an extra 1/2 cup of water after I stir fried the chicken and put all the ingredients.

I ate some for brunch I really loved it, I wasn’t so sure of what would it taste like because I haven’t tried cooking any Greek recipe before but I do love it. I brought some at school for dinner and ate it with a cod roe soup pasta I bought from 7/11.

This is going to be my first recipe review and living alone in a foreign country really forces me  not just to learn the basic of cooking but also hundreds of ways how to cook adobo, nialag and tsamba recipes I learned when I was in college.

Have you tried cooking something you haven’t done before and ended up being your favorite recipe? What is it?


Bored Sensei.

30DWC Day 19: Teriyaki Hamburger and Sunny Side Up

If you’re a busy person just like me (sometimes) and have no time to prepare your bento, konbini stores are really a big help to stop the war in our stomach during rush hours. And if you’re in Japan, waiting for your bus or train, finding a seat or benches to eat your take-out food is really a big problem. BUT, don’t worry because Japan convenience stores knows exactly what to do, they have easy to eat food like onigiri, sandwiches, sushi, etc. And las time I tried onigirazu I really liked it and promised myself to try all of them. So today’s onigirazu is a Teriyaki Hamburger &Sunny Side up.

I think there’s no need to explain what’s inside because 😀

It was really delicious but comparing to the Spam Onigirazu I have tried last time, I prefer the first one. Maybe because it was tastier or it’s just that I am inlove with Jollibee Jolly burger lol. You can buy it for 240 JPY plus tax, and it’s enough to fill an empty stomach.

I paired it with Boss coffee, and ofcourse a great view of Mt. Fuji. Ohh, LIFE.


Where would you like to drink your coffe btw? And with who? I want to have coffee infront ot the Eiffel Tower someday, holding that cup with my left hand with a wedding ring on it (naks! hint 101 hahahahahaha) 🙂


Bored Sensei.



30DWC Day 18: Bloody Mary with Tabasco.

Don’t get me wrong.

I didn’t drink again today. Ha Ha. It’s so weird that I woke up at 5:00 o’clock this afternoon and that’s a really long sleep! Maybe because I was really tired of working six days straight alone at school. Anyways, this post is a continuation of my post yesterday about the matcha whisky cocktail I tried. Nothing much happen today as I just woke up and I don’t wanna tell you how I spent hours in my bath tub watching The Layover and give a review of it lol.

Opposite to the matcha cocktail, this bloody mary is a must try. I really loved it! When we’re ordering drinks, Karim recommended to try this one, he said he tried it before and he loves it that much that he orders the same thing when he goes here. And so I tried and no regrets.

Don’t worry because you will be the one to put your tabasco depending on how you like.
Bloody Mary with sochu and tabasco.

I loved how you could really smell the spiciness when drinking, the salt added to its taste.

I also got to try their tomato with beer cocktail but I didn’t like it. I like the tomato with vodka better.

Tomato with beer. EEkk.
The elephant thingy they will put on your table if you’re allowed to drink. Yes. They would ask if you’re driving after you drink or not.
Highball whisky with lemon.
Daiki was thinking how to describe her. He wanted to say shes very confident and she looks matured.
Karim and Yoh, Iza’s officemates.
Iza and her boyfriend currently recovering from the alcohol. lol

He’s enjoying everything.

We talked a lot that night about random things, it’s my first time to meet these guys this year and I really missed them. Daiki and I talked about his goals for this year, and mine too. Yoh told us stories about how she got bullied for having “YOH” as her name when she was young. While Karim on the other hand talked a lot of stuff and he also disagree of the thought why we (English teachers) are not allowed to speak Japanese inside the classroom.

I went back home around two or three o’clock and that’s how the day ended.

How about you? What’s your most favorite drink so far? I like sangria, margarita and bloody mary, ohh and I also love Highball.

Bored Sensei.


30DWC Day 17: Japan Matcha Whisky Cocktail.

Do you also love eating or drinking food with matcha? Well, I’m asking because I love trying different food with matcha in or on it too, and living in Japan where tea is all over and part of my everyday life, of course I love it.

BUT. . .

How about getting drunk with matcha? Have you tried it? Well I’ve tried but getting drunk with it is impossible. Not because it’s too weak for me nor I’m a strong drinker haha, it’s just that a glass of it WAS enough for me to try.

BUT. . .

Why did I try it? Well, going out for a drink in Japan is really fun for me, I love trying new, different and weird things that this country offers. Usually when I go out with friends, I tend to try everything (if it’s nomehodai- all you can drink) or at least the weirdest one. And last night, as we celebrate iza’s birthday, unfortunately I came late because my work finishes at 9:00 o’clock, we went bar hoping and a Thailand-Chinese officemate of hers recommended a bar for the last round. The place was really clean and refreshing. There were a lot of people when we came, but no one left aside from our group when we decided to go around two or three in the morning so I was able to take pictures without people.

I wanted to sit here, again, but there were no space when we came.
Daiki did the work of hanging the coats. So nice of him.
You have to put your bags under the table, on the baskets provided. They consider it rude to put your bags on the table.

That’s the last group of people left.

So as I was saying, lol, this is the matcha whisky cocktail I tried. Honestly speaking I didn’t like it, and nobody from our group did like it too. Hehe. Nobody, except me ofcourse ordered this, they said even though they haven’t tried it they already know what it would taste like.

BUT . . .

Atleast I gotta try it, another unforgettable experience lol. And I am not discouraging anyone to try, we all have different taste when it comes to drinks or food. It was good but not for me. Lol. It literally tastes like matcha and a sour taste of whisky.

For the price, it’s not that expensive. Actually the bar offers cheaper drinks compare to other bars here in Hamamatsu.

See? It’s only 390 JPY.
I also tried this one.

If you happen to crave for something like this and you wanna try to do it on your own, why not? Try.  And tell me about it 🙂


Bored Sensei.

30DWC Day 16: Kampai!


It’s the end of the month It’s the first day of February! Gosh! Time passes so quickly! I can’t believe a month had passed for this year already and to celebrate that, let’s put our glasses up and cheers!

There are too many reasons to celebrate today; its the end of the first month this year, it’s the first day of another month basically, it’s Iza’s birthday, I survived six days of working ALONE at school and finally I can take my day off tomorrow and Friday! It’s another long week for me, it’s half of my 30 day writing challenge and I didn’t skip any, and last but not the least a hundred of people is now following me here on WordPress! Hurray!!!

These may seem shallow to celebrate for but they aren’t for me. I am too happy and I will continue being happy for simple things in life.

If you’re reading this right now, thank you. If you’re one of those wonderful people whose following my boring-exciting-so-so-kind-of everyday life, thank you very much for taking time to listen. Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!! Maraming maraming salamat!!

To more wonderful days to come! Kampai!


Bored Sensei.

P.s naghanap Lang talaga ako ng reason to walwal lol.

30DWC Day 12: My First Japanese Lesson.

Konbanwa! (Good evening!)

I am really happy today, I was planning to study Japanese seriously for months now and I haven’t started anything yet until now. I started practicing writing katakana last year because they always require me to write my name in katakana, I was able to do it but just the letters of my name and the basic a, i, u, e, o. Yes, that’s the arrangement of their vowels, most of the times it confuses me and I still have to check google just to make sure the English one, but anyways they’re just the same a,ei,o,u or a,i,u,e,o. 

After class, I bought a book in a book store near my school then my nihonggo sensei picked me up infront of my school and we went to the nearest family restaurant near my house. We ate dinner first and started the lesson.

The first four pages of the book consists of basic Japanese greetings and expressions, we just had a short review on it because I already know most of them. The sensei would read the English translation and I would tell him the Japanese word for it. Here are some of them, I usually use them at work.

When I go out for lunch I would say “konbini, itte mairimasu” (I’m going to the convenience store/konbini), but remember that this expression is very polite. And they would response “hai, itterashai!” (yes, good luck!). And when I come back, I will use the expressions below.

You can use ittekimasu for a casual conversation.

And the commonly used expression of them all. Sumimasen.

We then practiced a normal conversation using sentences. I thought it was easy, but I find it difficult. Maybe I need to study more vocabulary words or the basic sentence constructions.

Firipin kara kimashita”.

“Mary-san, shumi wa nan desu ka?”

“eiga desu (movie), youga (English) o mimasu”  – read the  as wo.

So that’s all I can share for now, hopefully my passion for studying this language will lasts until I get my N1 JLPT License. HA HA HA. Maybe I’m dreaming, but I wanna claim it already. It would be a very long way but I can do it. Ganbatte!

And I’m hoping that my sensei won’t give up on me. Hoho.


Bored Sensei.

30DWC Day 10: H&M Winter Sale

There’s a sale. Wait. What? There’s a sale!

Hontuoni?! (Really?!)

So last Wednesday while I’m on my way back to school, I came across this bid red sign waving at me, it was shouting come here! come here! And I went inside and saw the crazy sale the store has. But since I was currently at work hour that time, I didn’t buy anything but I promised myself to go back the next day, and so I did.

I woke up around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon today, read some blogs while eating my favorite bread and went to H&M as promised. But before going out, I told myself that I am not going to exceed my shopping limit, and not to buy things more than 500. The store is just 10 minutes walk away from home.

So let me take you inside…

Who wouldn’t notice this hug sign? It works.

Upon entering, the signs were shouting sale sale sale! Yeah I know.

They have different kind of cute tops to choose from And they’re as low as 300 JPY or 139.48 PHP.

There are also  dozens of skirts and shorts you can choose from as low as 500 JPY or 232.47 PHP.

Cutesy sleeveless tops.

I bought one of this. It is super cute!

You can get these tops for 100 JPY or 46.69 PHP. Di ba parang divisoria lang (though hindi pa ako nakakatry mamili dun).

I also bought one of this top for 400 JPY or 185.98 PHP.

For men’s section, they have a sale but not as crazy as the women’s.I was just wondering.

After getting all the items that I wanted, I went to the fitting room and voila! Please don’t judge my shoes and socks, it was really cold!

This top is only 300 JPY or 139.48 PHP. Isn’t it cute? lol.

I also love the skirt I bought it for 500 JPY or 232.47 PHP.

This red top is actually a one-piece, but I could wear it like this, defo not with the red skirt. Lol. I got it for 100 JPY or 46.49 PHP.

They also have dresses to choose from and prices varies. You just have to be patient. I was also tempted to get this shirt below but as I promised to myself I wouldn’t get anything exceeding 500 JPY. I made it!

But then I saw this cute coat or jacket, what do you call this? But I still find it expensive for my budget. Ha Ha. I decided just to wait until the store give it up for less than 100 JPY. I usually do this and it always works, when I really like something but it is still to expensive, I play the waiting game. It will take months, but atleast I didn’t spend money on things (I still don’t need). What if the item was sold? Well, it only means it wasn’t meant for me, if it still there, it’s for me. Parang pag-ibig lang, kapag sayo, eh di sayo. Kapag hindi, eh di hindi. Char! Patience is a virtue ika nga. Ha Ha.

I was already ready to go when I saw more cute stuff and you know what happened next.

They also have accessories section and they are a lot cute items on sale from 50 JPY or 23.25 PHP to 500 JPY or 232.47 PHP. But they7re always on sale so I didn’t bother to check today, I bought some cute choker last year and I still haven’t use all of them. I only have one neck 😀

And I happily left the store. I couldn’t wait to wear all of them. Hihi.

Ooopppssss… I have a tip. If you will go shopping at H&M, they always have big sales on summer and winter. Plus, you can download their H&M app and join H&M Club, I downloaded it today and I got another 10% discount each.

Don’t worry if you can’t read Japanese, they would help you and they have translation of the app.

Here’s my receipt, you would notice the 10% discount I got there for each item, plus you can gain points and exchange it for coupon.

That’s ¥2,385 or ₱1,116 for 10 clothes!

And another ¥1,700 or ₱795.51 for 5 clothes, and there were 2 items that wasn’t on sale.

I added the total of original prices, I was just wondering how much these would cost me if they weren’t on sale and the total is ¥31,533 or ₱14,755.36 I saved ¥27,448 or ₱12,848. BUT. I know I wouldn’t spend that amount of money, super kuripot ko kaya. Plus I only buy things I know I would need if they are on sale. Plus if I spend on material things, I would still balance it by making tipid sa kain hahahaha.


Admit it or not, we Filipinos love shopping lalo na kapg sale or may tawad.

So that ended my day, and I feel great today because it is my 10th entry for my 30 Day writing Challenge. Yay! I have 20 more days to go!


How about you? Where do you usually go shopping? Do you like buying branded items, ukay-ukay, or divsoria? What’s your favorite brand?






Bored Sensei. 

30DWC Day 8: My Boyfriend Made Sushi For Me.


(Thank you for this meal-even tho I ate it virtually).

So today I received an urgent call from my boyfriend, I thought it was something really urgent. I couldn’t pick up the phone that time because I was in a restaurant and busy eating (I have to finish a meal in 20 minutes). He was asking what “dashi” is.

At first I thought he was just doing his website or just randomly asking words he saw that day. I came back home after work (it wasn’t busy, I only had one lesson and did some paperworks) but went out again because Iza and Hajime picked me up, it was a surprised visit, they asked me to go out with them. So I was in a hurry, I changed my clothes, I didn’t want to eat out with my suit because I still have to use it the next morning, and eating in a Japanese restaurant means getting a lot of food smoke. It was too late to notice that I’ve left my phone at home. We went to a yakiniku restaurant and I’ve met Iza’s boyfriend for the first time. He was so shy but later on he started talking to us.

I came back home around 11:30ish and hurriedly searched for my phone, I knew it, he was calling me the whole time. There were myriads of phone calls. I called him and I knew he was upset. After telling him what had happened, he told me he made some sushi for me, and he wanted to surprise me but I wasn’t answering his calls. Gommennasai.

I felt bad today, I could see how sad he was while talking to him. But I know, I know hundreds of ways to make him smile. And it never fails. He even laughed and we went back to the normal talking like nothing happened. Ohhh how I love this person! He even made a blog because I asked him to. He’s not fond of writing or doing things like this, but he’s trying. And I’m loving him more. He always do things to make me smile. He never fails to make my day complete by his simple acts. I know he would be mad about this but this is his little world- Koibito.

So that’s how my day ended. Happy? YES. More than.

How about you? What happened to your day? Did someone made you smile or extremely happy today? Or did you make someone mad? Did a friend of yours gave you a surprised visit?

Bored Sensei,

30DWC Day 7: A Usual Monday.


That’s a phrase you should learn when planning to work in Japan, I use that everyday. It has different meaning depending on the situation. We usually use that after someone did something to show appreciation “you worked hard” or after work which means “thank you for your hard work”, you can also use the expression when you meet someone (a colleague or someone working in the same building) in the lobby, restroom or in the lobby.

Today wasn’t a very busy day, it used to be, but I only had 2 junior lessons today. Last year, we used to have 8 lessons on Mondays, 2 private lessons, 2 semi-private lessons and 4 junior lessons. But after the changes happening to our school (which I can’t discuss since it’s very confidential) we only had 4 lessons today, which we divided into 2 so we had 2 lessons each.

My weekday schedule starts from 12:00 n.n to 9:00 o’clock in the evening and my weekend schedule starts from 9:00 in the morning to 6:00 o’clock in the afternoon. I usually eat heavy breakfast on Mondays since we finishes the last lesson at 7:00 which is different form my Tuesdays lunch schedule (4:30 p.m), so if I didn’t eat heavy breakfast, you would hear a lot of growling during lessons.

My first lesson started at  4:00 (starts of junior lessons) I usually stay in the lobby 20 minutes before 4:00 because one of the three students usually come early, let’s call him H. He’s an 8 year old kid, he loves gymnastics, he looks like the kid from Ju-on The grudge, he’s cute and has a really small set of eyes. He always comes to school alone, he travels by bus. He used to be a very silent kid who doesn’t speak inside the classroom, his former teacher was really surprised when she heard him spoke one time, but now he’s becoming talkative and active inside the class.

The second student is another 8 year old kid, he’s that type of rich kid a school always have, he always comes to school with either his mom or dad. His parents look like one of those couple you usually see in Korean drama, they’re both good-looking and well dressed. Let’s call him D, he’s a handsome kid, very neat, he looks snob but he’s very active inside the class. His parents are very supportive of him, when we have event at school, you would see his parents cheering and recording him all the time.

And the third kid is K, he’s a smart-wise kid. He usually comes to school with his mom, younger brother and sister (also one of my students). He’s naughty and an active student. He’s also very competitive and loud. He’s a bit darker compare to a typical Japanese kid.

After checking their homework, I usually ask them to pick a card or depends on what I planned for the day for their sitting arrangement. Then I start the lesson by asking them simple questions like “What did you eat for breakfast”, “What time did you sleep last night” etc. We then proceed with their movie homework, every unit, they are assigned to watch a movie then every lesson, they would answer comprehension question from the movie (it’s a short animation movie they can access on junior website). Today’s lesson is Project Presentation (usually on the fourth week of the unit) and I asked them to draw their pets or their favorite animals. usually finishes the task first, he drew an elephant, usually takes his time, he’s very perfectionist and has good penmanship, he drew a gorilla.  And usually K is the last one to finish, he starts late, he thinks deeply of everything first like he drew this, what would he write next, he drew a hamster.

After they drew their favorite animals, I asked them to make a paragraph by completing the sentences on their book. Then the last part of the lesson was the presentation, they presented their work infront of the class. I always ask them to do the presentation twice, first with guidance (from me) and the last one without guidance. I really love this class because they are very active and participative. They also have good comprehension skill.

My second and last class started at 6:00 o’clock. There are 2 students in the class. The first one is D, if I’m not mistaken he’s 14 years old, he’s H’s brother, they have the same personalities and attitude. And the next one is K, he’s a typical teenager you know, he hates studying, but he always come to school early. He rarely does his homework, but he’s smart, he has good comprehension. If only he could study his lessons and do his homework.

We studied health today and we made a Health Checklist. We didn’t have time left for presentation and we exceeded 15 minutes.

I was starving after this class and had my dinner with Jerene (a fellow Filipina teacher). I ate sausages leftover from breakfast and yakisoba I bought from 7/11. I finishes all paperworks and prepared a bit for tomorrow’s class. We chatted about random things while waiting for time out lol. It was really cold outside while walking home.

It wasn’t really a busy day, I only taught for 2 hours out of my 8 hour working time. I waited 4 hours before my first class pretending to be busy and working on lessons. I even had chance to have power nap in the toilet (for 10 minutes). We cleaned the school a bit, which is an everyday routine and most of the time chatting. I am now confirmed bored sensei. 😀

So that’s how I spent my Monday. It seems that everyone was busy today. Were you? Was it really busy? Or we’re just thinking that it was busy? How did you spend you Monday then?

Bored Sensei.

That’s me waiting for my first lesson, nowadays it’s normal to wear a mask to avoid getting sick. I am not wearing mask when teaching tho. And yes, I had my haircut short ☺️