Unique Valentine’s Chocolate Japan.

I know, it has been five days since ‘the’ day but let me share with you these unique sweets I’ve seen last Valentine’s day. I enjoyed just looking at them and I want to eat them all so I’m dying to share the feeling with you haha, gommenne.

Don’t just promise to give your special one the universe, give it!


Did you enjoy? Which one is your fave? I love the universe themed one, if Imma give it to my special one I’m gonna write “My love for you is like the universe. It always grows, but it never ends”. Naks.


Here’s a picture from Costco Hamamatsu, I love how they arranged the apples into heart shape last heart day. (Photo not mine but from a friend, a teacher from a JET program).



Bored Sensei.


30DWC Day 25: What A Friday!

It’s Friday! Yay!

But have I told you that I really hate Fridays? Why? Because it’s basically the first day of my week, we close the school every Thursday and I feel like it’s our weekend because we have to go at school on Saturdays and Sundays (9:00 – 6:00). Not only that, we also have to work until 9:00 o’clock on Friday and wake up early the next morning. UGH.

And I am not a morning person.

Anyways, today when we came to school, there were people doing some IT works and it kinda stressed me out.

Everyday routine

Me and Jerene: Ohayo Gozaimasu! (in our high pitch tone)

Manager and counselor: Ohayou Gozaimasu! (kawaii voices)

Then begin the meeting after 15 minutes.


Me and Jerene: Oha- (ehhhh)

Counselor: -_-

Manager: (*busy on the telephone) Odenwa arigatou gozaimasu ……

Man 1: #@$%^&*^^*&&%^$%%#%$# (getting something infront of me)

Man 2: *&^%$$^#%@%$^%$%^#%^ (busy vacumming the floor)

Jerene: *silently walked out the office

Me: *turn left turn right sit down stand up repeat 3x

Manager: (*another phone call) moshi moshi…….

Counselor: (*silently walked out the room)

me:   T_T

Jerene: (*suddenly came back) sigaw na kaya ako ng magsitigil kayo!!!!

Manager: sumimasen #$%^&*&^%$#@@#$%%^^&

I decided to just get something and pretended busy in classroom 2 with Jerene and we just came out the room when manager called us for meeting, the workers went out for lunch. We were really overwhelmed because we’re not used to seeing a lot of people inside the office (aside from students) especially men because we’re all girls. And these are the times I wish I could speak and understand Japanese.

They were wearing uniforms like the photo below but the color was gray and they were wearing mask.

Photo credit: International Business Times

Before we start working we usually have a meeting for the day’s schedule and classes, we only have two today and we divided the class last Wednesday but one of the students cancelled and it was my student. So apparently, I have nothing to do today. How did I spend it?

  1. I finished doing my student’s assessment, we’ll be having parent day on the last week of this month and we have to hand them their final assessment.
  2. I calculated the students overall scores from November and take note, I did it manually because hell I was killing time. And as I told you I am a math genius I ended starting over again because my computation was a total mess. I told you I’m such a genius. I was busy talking to myself “teka pano nangyaring 58, 59, 53 ito eh hanggang 50 lang to” when my manager looked at me with what-are-you-talking-about-are-you-doing-some-black-magic-or-something kind of stare, I laughed and told her my problem. She lend me her calculator. I wanted to die.
  3. We cleaned the lobby and redecorated it from winter theme to spring. And as our manager requested a ferret, a ferret?! we followed her idea. She really love our school’s commercial and the photo below is a screenshot of it.hqdefault
  4. Most of the time like this.
  5. Did a bit of preparation for tomorrow’s winter event.
  6. Chat, chat, chat.
  7. I ate the carbonara I cooked yesterday.

And that’s how I spent my day at work, I went back home and took a quick shower and ate my favorite chips from 7/11.

How did you spend your Friday?

Bored Sensei.

30DWC Day 12: My First Japanese Lesson.

Konbanwa! (Good evening!)

I am really happy today, I was planning to study Japanese seriously for months now and I haven’t started anything yet until now. I started practicing writing katakana last year because they always require me to write my name in katakana, I was able to do it but just the letters of my name and the basic a, i, u, e, o. Yes, that’s the arrangement of their vowels, most of the times it confuses me and I still have to check google just to make sure the English one, but anyways they’re just the same a,ei,o,u or a,i,u,e,o. 

After class, I bought a book in a book store near my school then my nihonggo sensei picked me up infront of my school and we went to the nearest family restaurant near my house. We ate dinner first and started the lesson.

The first four pages of the book consists of basic Japanese greetings and expressions, we just had a short review on it because I already know most of them. The sensei would read the English translation and I would tell him the Japanese word for it. Here are some of them, I usually use them at work.

When I go out for lunch I would say “konbini, itte mairimasu” (I’m going to the convenience store/konbini), but remember that this expression is very polite. And they would response “hai, itterashai!” (yes, good luck!). And when I come back, I will use the expressions below.

You can use ittekimasu for a casual conversation.

And the commonly used expression of them all. Sumimasen.

We then practiced a normal conversation using sentences. I thought it was easy, but I find it difficult. Maybe I need to study more vocabulary words or the basic sentence constructions.

Firipin kara kimashita”.

“Mary-san, shumi wa nan desu ka?”

“eiga desu (movie), youga (English) o mimasu”  – read the  as wo.

So that’s all I can share for now, hopefully my passion for studying this language will lasts until I get my N1 JLPT License. HA HA HA. Maybe I’m dreaming, but I wanna claim it already. It would be a very long way but I can do it. Ganbatte!

And I’m hoping that my sensei won’t give up on me. Hoho.


Bored Sensei.

30DWC Day 4: Cute Japanese Children Walking The Street.

Today was one hell of a day, oooppss that’s not a good way to start a post, but that’s how my day was today. It was craaaazy!


Instead of focusing on how crazy this day was for me, let’s focus on the beautiful side of the day. While I was on my way to the station (about 11:05 a.m) I came across these cute Japanese children walking the streets, it’s not the first time I got to see this kind of scene, we usually see them on the other side of the road, on the corner of the street, but only today did I have a chance to get this close to them. Then I waved. Out of nowhere. I whispered hi and smile. I wasn’t expecting to be noticed. I know I look like a local (Japanese people generally like “Gaikokujin.”) so I am not that appealing to children – I’m not blond even or anything lol. But to my surprise, this little girl heard me and waved back!

My heart skipped.

I melted.

And that’s how I left the our Mother Earth. Nah just kidding.

Seeing these children innocently walking on the streets, with or without an adult accompanying them (it’s normal – they also have their variety show “My Fist Errand” in Japan“) never fails to amaze me and makes me imagine my future kids. Am I gonna be this confident in sending them places at a young age? Is it going to be this safe in the Philippines in the near future? And these thoughts added weigh to my undying admiration to Japan. The culture, the people, EVERYTHING.

I just hope that in the future, my country would be this safe for the future generations. We never know, but I won’t stop believing.




I hope these pictures and video clips I attached will make your day too and leave a smile on your faces. Let’s forget all the worries and bad vibes we had for the day. Let’s be like these children again and only worry on how to ask for candies or how to fic a broken toy we have. Let’s spread the love kahit inalis na sa Pinas ang salitang yan. Haha. 


Bored Sensei.