30DWC Day 4: Cute Japanese Children Walking The Street.

Today was one hell of a day, oooppss that’s not a good way to start a post, but that’s how my day was today. It was craaaazy!


Instead of focusing on how crazy this day was for me, let’s focus on the beautiful side of the day. While I was on my way to the station (about 11:05 a.m) I came across these cute Japanese children walking the streets, it’s not the first time I got to see this kind of scene, we usually see them on the other side of the road, on the corner of the street, but only today did I have a chance to get this close to them. Then I waved. Out of nowhere. I whispered hi and smile. I wasn’t expecting to be noticed. I know I look like a local (Japanese people generally like “Gaikokujin.”) so I am not that appealing to children – I’m not blond even or anything lol. But to my surprise, this little girl heard me and waved back!

My heart skipped.

I melted.

And that’s how I left the our Mother Earth. Nah just kidding.

Seeing these children innocently walking on the streets, with or without an adult accompanying them (it’s normal – they also have their variety show “My Fist Errand” in Japan“) never fails to amaze me and makes me imagine my future kids. Am I gonna be this confident in sending them places at a young age? Is it going to be this safe in the Philippines in the near future? And these thoughts added weigh to my undying admiration to Japan. The culture, the people, EVERYTHING.

I just hope that in the future, my country would be this safe for the future generations. We never know, but I won’t stop believing.




I hope these pictures and video clips I attached will make your day too and leave a smile on your faces. Let’s forget all the worries and bad vibes we had for the day. Let’s be like these children again and only worry on how to ask for candies or how to fic a broken toy we have. Let’s spread the love kahit inalis na sa Pinas ang salitang yan. Haha. 


Bored Sensei.


30DWC Day 2: A Busy Rainy Wednesday.


I woke up around 10:00 o’clock in the morning today, usually I turn off my alarm and go back to sleep, but this morning is different. I stayed lying at nanatiling nakatitig sa kawalan. I felt lonely. I felt sad. Was it because it was raining? Or was it because I am missing Philippines already (*sobs). But before this so called sadness totally eats me and slowly kills me I decided to get up and started preparing for work. I played good vibes songs and it helped a little.

Before I went to school I couldn’t find any umbrella so I borrowed my neighbors without asking lol. I can’t afford to get sick lol. gommenne.

I started work at 12:00 n.n. I knew I would be very busy today, not because I have lots of classes but I was working on my lessons on Friday. I only had 2 classes. My fist class started at 1:30 but the students came an hour earlier. Usually I go out the lobby and talk to them, help them do homework, study their next lesson or just talk about random stuffs. But today I didn’t feel like talking. I stayed inside the faculty room and went out 5 minutes before the class.

It was a 50 minute semi-private class consists of 2 students (the maximum is 3). I only get to see them once a month (I even haggled for this) since I’m working on a corporate lesson every Wednesday in Shizuoka Prefecture. I felt happier inside the classroom, maybe because I really love teaching. We discussed about how to speculate about sounds and photos, the proper use of articles and verbs+prepositions thingy.

I enjoyed talking to them and laughed on small things. To give you something to imagine, the first student is a 67 year old man who loves drinking (he always comes to class after drinking with friends – yes, 1:00 o’clock), he didn’t tell me his age, I calculated! lol. I was always wondering how old he is but the question was finally answered today. I asked them to make a sentence using the prepositions we studied. His classmate asked “Did you ever dream of being rich when you were a child?”, “He answered, “When I graduated from University (I asked how old was he then – 21), I dreamt of ….. , and that was 46 years ago”. I don’t normally ask information to my students directly, I have my ways lol.

The second student is a 40ish woman, she’s very fashionable, she loves shopping (literally), she’s a bit strict and she loves doing homework *sigh. She doesn’t work and she studies English because she wanna travel in the near future.

I finished my first class at 2:30 and started the next class at 2:30, I even didn’t have chance to drink water.

My second class is another 50 minute kinda private lesson, it’s a TOEIC review. The class went well, it was the same as usual. Nothing new. We exceeded 15 minutes (as usual) because I gave him some extra tips and talked a bit about his plans for tonight. He’s a 40ish typical Japanes guy you would imagine. He looks like one of those Yakuza member you would see in the movie, nope, not the fat one, he’s masculine and has beard (which isn’t normal in Japan). He has deep voice and you could feel the authority when he talks. But he is so nice and polite (all of them actually).

After doing some paperworks, I went out for lunch and decided to eat at Sukiya (it’s a fastfood restaurant). I usually visit this restaurant atleast once a month because they always have something new in their menu, today I tried their Sukiya.

I went back to school round 5:45 in the afternoon and proceeded doing paperworks, a colleague also gave us Tokyo Banana from Tokyo. last time he gave us Strawberries. I haven’t tried them since I was really busy.

Our counselor also gave me gifts, I was really surprised and grateful today.

She gave gave me a muffler (I actually needed one because it’s winter), some socks and a hand and nail cream ( I have this feeling that Japanese do love giving me hand creams lol).

I was drinking, eating peanuts, watching TFIOB Cebu Chapter live, talking to my special one while writing.

This is my second day of 30 Day Writing Challenge. I made it. 28 days more to come. Ganbatte!


Bored Sensei. 

30DWC Day 1: My First Day Off This 2018


Today is Tuesday and it’s my first day off this year. YAY!

After coming back from Philippines for my winter holiday I started working the next day REAL QUICK. I didn’t even had chance to unpack my things and clean my house since then (I came back 11th of January). So to make the story short, my house is still a total disaster – until now.

Anyways… last night, I made a promise to write everyday consistently for 30 days, and this is my first entry. I will tell you how I normally spend my days off.

*insert drumrolls 

10:00 a.m

I woke up with a familiar sound of my door bell, I didn’t wait for a second ring and immediately went to my genkan and shouted “hai!hai!”. Is it normal? NO. I don’t usually do this but since I was expecting my orders from Amazon today (I was super duper excited for my orders kasi lol) I didn’t even bother checking the person’s face on my monitor after hearing “Yamato Delivery” (ofcourse it was Japanese).

After getting my orders, I went back to bed and curled inside my futon, but I couldn’t go back to sleep (as usual after getting an order from Amazon) and started opening my boxes. I really love unboxing,  ewan basta nakakakilig lol. 

I ordred a mini table! YAY! Bumili talaga ako ng mini table kasi yung mayayaman daw laging breakfast in bed, CHAROT.

Last Sunday I was browsing online shops because I was looking for laptop accessories and as usual I ended up buying unnecessary things. I didn’t plan on getting a lapdesk, I was thinking of getting a Yamazen table but my boyfriend saw this cute mini table and we both loved it.

The second item is a laptop case. I was really happy with the color and it fits perfectly well, I LOVE IT.

But then….

They sent me a wrong keyboard protector *sobs. The packaging descriptions were all correct but the product wasn’t. I was really disappointed. I logged on to their website and click return.

I was busy reading directions on how to return an item when a friend called me, we talked a bit and I was shookt to the bones when she told me she was having a migraine because her mother is PREGNANT and because of the age, she’s having complications and now in the hospital. Whuuttt girl? I still can’t believe it.

Anyways, after a loooong chat, I took my coat and went to the nearest bank, I sent her money (she didn’t ask for it nor mention anything about borrowing from me  but I know that feeling of what she’s going through right now). It was my first time to send money through my local bank but I was really glad that the man inside the bank speaks English. WEW. It didn’t take 5 minutes.