Sweet Ramen Escapade.

Thursday is an ordinary day for me, it’s my off from work, but I usually stay home and sleep.

Define nothing. (yawn)

But recently, I have been hanging out with new friends I met from a language exchange group. It was indeed a good decision for me to finally try it. So last night was kinda special. This girl from Germany (I’ve been hanging out with her these past few days already) invited me to join them star-gazing. It was new to me so why not. It’s unplanned. But I’m good with that. I can get ready in 10 minutes or less. Trust me.

While driving we decided to eat dinner first, we said we’re okay with anything and ended up with this ramen place.

(This place is 20 minutes drive from the station, and it’s 15 minutes away from my apartment. )

The weather was inviting for a hot, delicious and tasty ramen. My heart suddenly jumped when I saw the traditional tatami dining place (I forgot how to call it) I was very excited and grabbed the chance to eat there like a local.

(You have to remove your shoes when eating in some Japanese restaurants. And they’ll give you small and warm towel to clean your hands before eating. Sooooo nice)

The restaurant has limited set of food, like around 20 choices. Our Japanese friend read the menu for us, Iza is a vegetarian, and I am not. I chose the sweet ramen which is new to me. I came from a country who loves sweet food, sweet spaghetti, sweet meals and stuff.

(Some Japanese restaurants doesn’t have an English menu, but you can use google translate)

And the food finally arrived! I took a sip of my ramen and ohhhh it was really good. It was sweet but not too much. It was tasty as well and there’s something in it you can’t explain. It exceeded my expectation and it was really worth it.

I am really picky when it comes to ramen. The first time I ate ramen in Japan costs me 2,000 JPY and it was really really good. It was expensive but it was really worth it. After that wonderful ramen experience, I became very picky and tried to eat different ramen in Tokyo, Osaka and other places but I always ended up disappointed and looking for that taste I first had. At first I thought I would leave the place unsatisfied but I didn’t. I would definitely go back and try different ones.

(below is a picture of me, Hajime and Iza, you’ll definitely see them a lot on my posts because I hang out with them a lot lol)

Details: Shop name is Tadokoro Shoten, I ordered Enshuu Miso in sweet categories)


So that’s my sweet ramen escapade, I would definitely try it again especially this winter πŸ˜€


Bored Sensei.