30DWC Day 25: What A Friday!

It’s Friday! Yay!

But have I told you that I really hate Fridays? Why? Because it’s basically the first day of my week, we close the school every Thursday and I feel like it’s our weekend because we have to go at school on Saturdays and Sundays (9:00 – 6:00). Not only that, we also have to work until 9:00 o’clock on Friday and wake up early the next morning. UGH.

And I am not a morning person.

Anyways, today when we came to school, there were people doing some IT works and it kinda stressed me out.

Everyday routine

Me and Jerene: Ohayo Gozaimasu! (in our high pitch tone)

Manager and counselor: Ohayou Gozaimasu! (kawaii voices)

Then begin the meeting after 15 minutes.


Me and Jerene: Oha- (ehhhh)

Counselor: -_-

Manager: (*busy on the telephone) Odenwa arigatou gozaimasu ……

Man 1: #@$%^&*^^*&&%^$%%#%$# (getting something infront of me)

Man 2: *&^%$$^#%@%$^%$%^#%^ (busy vacumming the floor)

Jerene: *silently walked out the office

Me: *turn left turn right sit down stand up repeat 3x

Manager: (*another phone call) moshi moshi…….

Counselor: (*silently walked out the room)

me:   T_T

Jerene: (*suddenly came back) sigaw na kaya ako ng magsitigil kayo!!!!

Manager: sumimasen #$%^&*&^%$#@@#$%%^^&

I decided to just get something and pretended busy in classroom 2 with Jerene and we just came out the room when manager called us for meeting, the workers went out for lunch. We were really overwhelmed because we’re not used to seeing a lot of people inside the office (aside from students) especially men because we’re all girls. And these are the times I wish I could speak and understand Japanese.

They were wearing uniforms like the photo below but the color was gray and they were wearing mask.

Photo credit: International Business Times

Before we start working we usually have a meeting for the day’s schedule and classes, we only have two today and we divided the class last Wednesday but one of the students cancelled and it was my student. So apparently, I have nothing to do today. How did I spend it?

  1. I finished doing my student’s assessment, we’ll be having parent day on the last week of this month and we have to hand them their final assessment.
  2. I calculated the students overall scores from November and take note, I did it manually because hell I was killing time. And as I told you I am a math genius I ended starting over again because my computation was a total mess. I told you I’m such a genius. I was busy talking to myself “teka pano nangyaring 58, 59, 53 ito eh hanggang 50 lang to” when my manager looked at me with what-are-you-talking-about-are-you-doing-some-black-magic-or-something kind of stare, I laughed and told her my problem. She lend me her calculator. I wanted to die.
  3. We cleaned the lobby and redecorated it from winter theme to spring. And as our manager requested a ferret, a ferret?! we followed her idea. She really love our school’s commercial and the photo below is a screenshot of it.hqdefault
  4. Most of the time like this.
  5. Did a bit of preparation for tomorrow’s winter event.
  6. Chat, chat, chat.
  7. I ate the carbonara I cooked yesterday.

And that’s how I spent my day at work, I went back home and took a quick shower and ate my favorite chips from 7/11.

How did you spend your Friday?

Bored Sensei.


30DWC Day 7: A Usual Monday.


That’s a phrase you should learn when planning to work in Japan, I use that everyday. It has different meaning depending on the situation. We usually use that after someone did something to show appreciation “you worked hard” or after work which means “thank you for your hard work”, you can also use the expression when you meet someone (a colleague or someone working in the same building) in the lobby, restroom or in the lobby.

Today wasn’t a very busy day, it used to be, but I only had 2 junior lessons today. Last year, we used to have 8 lessons on Mondays, 2 private lessons, 2 semi-private lessons and 4 junior lessons. But after the changes happening to our school (which I can’t discuss since it’s very confidential) we only had 4 lessons today, which we divided into 2 so we had 2 lessons each.

My weekday schedule starts from 12:00 n.n to 9:00 o’clock in the evening and my weekend schedule starts from 9:00 in the morning to 6:00 o’clock in the afternoon. I usually eat heavy breakfast on Mondays since we finishes the last lesson at 7:00 which is different form my Tuesdays lunch schedule (4:30 p.m), so if I didn’t eat heavy breakfast, you would hear a lot of growling during lessons.

My first lesson started at  4:00 (starts of junior lessons) I usually stay in the lobby 20 minutes before 4:00 because one of the three students usually come early, let’s call him H. He’s an 8 year old kid, he loves gymnastics, he looks like the kid from Ju-on The grudge, he’s cute and has a really small set of eyes. He always comes to school alone, he travels by bus. He used to be a very silent kid who doesn’t speak inside the classroom, his former teacher was really surprised when she heard him spoke one time, but now he’s becoming talkative and active inside the class.

The second student is another 8 year old kid, he’s that type of rich kid a school always have, he always comes to school with either his mom or dad. His parents look like one of those couple you usually see in Korean drama, they’re both good-looking and well dressed. Let’s call him D, he’s a handsome kid, very neat, he looks snob but he’s very active inside the class. His parents are very supportive of him, when we have event at school, you would see his parents cheering and recording him all the time.

And the third kid is K, he’s a smart-wise kid. He usually comes to school with his mom, younger brother and sister (also one of my students). He’s naughty and an active student. He’s also very competitive and loud. He’s a bit darker compare to a typical Japanese kid.

After checking their homework, I usually ask them to pick a card or depends on what I planned for the day for their sitting arrangement. Then I start the lesson by asking them simple questions like “What did you eat for breakfast”, “What time did you sleep last night” etc. We then proceed with their movie homework, every unit, they are assigned to watch a movie then every lesson, they would answer comprehension question from the movie (it’s a short animation movie they can access on junior website). Today’s lesson is Project Presentation (usually on the fourth week of the unit) and I asked them to draw their pets or their favorite animals. usually finishes the task first, he drew an elephant, usually takes his time, he’s very perfectionist and has good penmanship, he drew a gorilla.  And usually K is the last one to finish, he starts late, he thinks deeply of everything first like he drew this, what would he write next, he drew a hamster.

After they drew their favorite animals, I asked them to make a paragraph by completing the sentences on their book. Then the last part of the lesson was the presentation, they presented their work infront of the class. I always ask them to do the presentation twice, first with guidance (from me) and the last one without guidance. I really love this class because they are very active and participative. They also have good comprehension skill.

My second and last class started at 6:00 o’clock. There are 2 students in the class. The first one is D, if I’m not mistaken he’s 14 years old, he’s H’s brother, they have the same personalities and attitude. And the next one is K, he’s a typical teenager you know, he hates studying, but he always come to school early. He rarely does his homework, but he’s smart, he has good comprehension. If only he could study his lessons and do his homework.

We studied health today and we made a Health Checklist. We didn’t have time left for presentation and we exceeded 15 minutes.

I was starving after this class and had my dinner with Jerene (a fellow Filipina teacher). I ate sausages leftover from breakfast and yakisoba I bought from 7/11. I finishes all paperworks and prepared a bit for tomorrow’s class. We chatted about random things while waiting for time out lol. It was really cold outside while walking home.

It wasn’t really a busy day, I only taught for 2 hours out of my 8 hour working time. I waited 4 hours before my first class pretending to be busy and working on lessons. I even had chance to have power nap in the toilet (for 10 minutes). We cleaned the school a bit, which is an everyday routine and most of the time chatting. I am now confirmed bored sensei. 😀

So that’s how I spent my Monday. It seems that everyone was busy today. Were you? Was it really busy? Or we’re just thinking that it was busy? How did you spend you Monday then?

Bored Sensei.

That’s me waiting for my first lesson, nowadays it’s normal to wear a mask to avoid getting sick. I am not wearing mask when teaching tho. And yes, I had my haircut short ☺️