Journal: Hanabi and Lantern Festival

July 22, 2018 (Sunday)


How are you? How have you been?

Well, I’ve been pretty busy lazy these past few months and  I didn’t have much motivation to write anything. I actually started quite a lot already – like 23 drafts! –  but this Mañana habit (a Spanish word means tomorrow or simply an It’s-not-urgent-I’ll-just-do-it-tomorrow typical FIlipino disease) will always be in my blood. And I really hate it.

Anyways, if you’re wondering what I am up to these days well don’t worry because I also ask that question myself. Like the month is almost over, what have I done? I go to work, eat out sometime, watch random series on Netflix, I recently watched The Big Bang Theory and I got addicted to it, I wanna watch the sequel The Young Sheldon but it isn’t available on Netflix yet, and most of the time stay home because the weather in Japan is really insane. Like if I stay more than an hour outside I will die. I mean it.

Also, our schedule at school has gone back to normal and I can take a day off on Sunday again. Like yesterday. Yay! So I checked Hamamatsu events that day and I saw that there was a Hanabi (Fireworks) and Lantern Festival in Hamana Lake and like last year I wanna see it. I asked some friends to go with me because Jerene has to work. I woke up early because I slept before 8 o’clock last night. I was exhausted from our monthly event and maybe that took off all my energy. I even forgot to eat dinner! But waking up early the next day wasn’t that bad I guess, as a matter of fact I felt really good. It was refreshing. I ate donuts, did my laundry because the sun was already up, wash the dishes and clean my house. I played some of the games I downloaded for about 3 hours and cooked some fish and sausage for lunch. I thawed the fish last night because I was supposed to cook them but I fell asleep.

2:00 o’clock

Kyohei and I planned to meet up early because he wanted to go to UniQlo to buy some shirts and I asked him to help me buy the oven toaster I was dying to buy since last month. We went to Aeon Mall but unfortunately we couldn’t find the brand I wanted. We went to a cafe with a good view of the lake and took a rest for a bit. We met his old friends and stayed there for a hit. The view was really good, the only thing I hate about it was the menu, they only offer six kinds of drinks and a single hamburger on the food menu. K said that since the place is near the sea, they don’t wanna invest a lot and just keep the business like that. Simple.

The tiny house where you can order your drinks.
A real orange juice made from Mikabi orange. Price: 600 JPY

Inside of a small house you can sit with your friends if the weather is too hot or too cold. The room is fully air-conditioned.

I ordered a glass of fresh orange juice and right after we finished it we went back downtown to buy the oven toaster I wanted before we went to the fireworks festival. We grabbed some food on our way to the lake, I got pork mayo onigiri with a wasabi twist which I wasn’t informed lol, a bottle of water and a pack of chips. We actually didn’t go to the place where the festival was, we went on the other side of the lake where the fireworks was. The view was better than going to the place where people were because we’re pretty sure it was crowded.

We waited for the event not that long together with some residents near the area who decided to watch the festival as well. I’ve seen some tiny crabs too!

Waiting for the fireworks and lantern festival to happen. We were greeted by this beautiful sky.
Enter a caption



Hamanako Palpal – a theme park you can find in Kanzanji (name of the place).

I wasn’t able to get some photos because my camera isn’t that good and I preferred to just enjoy the show. But here are some photos I got from google. Compared to the Fukuroi Fireworks festival I had been to last year, this is a bit small, they only launched more than 3,000 fireworks while Fukuroi had 30,000 fireworks. The event lasted for about an hour but we decided to leave 10 minutes before it finished because w wanted to avoid the traffic. There was a pool party and they were inviting us to go but I refused because I felt like I was already tired and of course I was dying to try my toaster which I did. The moment I got home I made a pizza and that was my dinner and ate the leftover the next morning for breakfast.

There were still a lot of happenings I want to share with you but I wanna do it slowly, I don’t wanna feel tired of writing again just like what happened after I did my 30 Days Writing Challenge. Hopefully I’ll be inspired to write more often again. I miss you guys 🙂

P.S Thank you FATMoment Blog for inspiring me to write again.


There weren’t much lantern but still the view was amazing.

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  1. Hello there kababayan. It`s nice to see you enjoying the season and it`s festivities… If ever you have the change to come by Gifu Prefecture, specifically Kani and Minokamo City areas, feel free to contact us!


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