I Stole A Snow Flake.

December 07, 2017

10:05 a.m

I woke up with a never ending sound of unfamiliar alarm clock, yes, unfamiliar. Though I already wanted to freak out, my body can’t go up because I was having this terrible headache and the-world-is-spinning-so-don’t-move feeling. I opened my eyes and saw a girl lying next to me. Wait. WHAAAAAT. Ohhhh, then I remembered she’s a Japanese girl I hangout with last night, and that unfamiliar alarm clock was hers. I was relieved. She opened her eyes and said hello, reached her phone and turned it off. (hingang malalim).

I watcher her eyes half-closed as she stood up and drank some water. She was talking to me but I couldn’t find my voice, a groan came out instead. We were talking and I can’t still remember clearly what exactly happened last night. I searched for my phone and saw my trench coat lying next to me, I was still wearing the same clothes I wore last night. Geez. I got my phone and sent my other half a message with a atm-picture. I’ve tried to get up and drank some water and got back to bed. I was about to close my eyes when I felt like  wanna throw up and ran to the toilet. Uggghhhh. I came back to bed and we both walked back to what really happened last night.


December 06, 2017

Today we decided to continue our plan about drinking, we had planned this before but due to my schedule we postponed and waited for everyone’s schedule to meet up. I bought a futon (Japanese bed set – a thin bed foam, a comforter and a piece of pi,llow) for Yurina as she was staying in my humble abode because we’re planning to drink overnight and her house is almost 2 hours drive away from Hamamatsu. We decided to meet up at 10:00 pm because I usually finish work at 9:00. I went back home to take a quick shower and meet Yurina there too to put all her things and we’re ready to paarrttyyyy.

10:20 p.m

The first place was Anagura, I thought Kaori was just kidding or she just doesn’t know the word cubicle when she said we’re gonna drink in a CAVE. Yes. A cave. And as I have been to one of those typical Japanese izakaya’s wherein you will go in a small cubicle or booths so it didn’t cross my mind. The bar is underground and it seems hard to find if you haven’t been there, we went down the stairs and enter a wooden door. After the wooden door, there was another door and a girl came and led us to the entrance.

(photo credit: https://life.news.biglobe.ne.jp/gourmet/shizuoka)

We had to take off our shoes and my unfortnately bimg_3534oots wouldn’t fit the locker so I had to put it sideways. I was really amazed with the place, you can see the cave after you enter the second door, and you will be greeted by small wooden cars and you can finally enter your private boot and no one can see you. This is one thing I love Japanese bars, you can drink peacefully without thinking or worrying that somebody might be watching over you or someone you know will see you drinking (especially if you’re a teacher lols). Youc an also drink alone since they have booths for single person or for couples.

(photo credit: https://life.news.biglobe.ne.jp/gourmet/shizuoka)

So we ordered our first set of drinks, they all had beers and I had red wine. Our drinks came with a starter, I knew it was chicken, a raw chicken. I’ve heard about this being popular in some places already but it was my first time, the taste was good and they topped it with raw onions. It was really delicious but the thought that it was raw made me feel a little hesitant to eat it. One thing I learned when drinking in Japan, they always start with a salad, so we had tomato with mayonnaise and salt?  Then we ordered friedmentaiko or salted cod roe, it is famous in Japan especially in Fukuoka because it was originated in Korea (myeongnan-jeot) and came to Japan via Fukuoka. We also had karaage or simply deep fried in oil (it was good but you know fried chicken tastes the same lol), a pizza and more which I clearly can’t remember now just because (erm).

If I could still remember it right, I could say that I had atleast 11 different glasses of drinks and it was crazy because I know I could only handle 5-8 bottles of beer. I started with red wine + white wine + highball + 2 plum sake (Ian suggested this one it was good) + 2 red wine + another white wine + whiskey on the rocks and a local beer before we finally left the place. Take note that we finished all of those drinks in an hour, we had nomihodai (drink all you can) for an hour because it was cheaper than ordering per bottle. Just imagine, a normal price per bottle of drink here is 500 JPN, and if we paid per bottle It would costs us 5,500 JPN per person, we only paid 2,000 JPN each (not bad).


We went out he cave and looked for another bar to drink in which I can’t remember the name and they just gave me bottle of water after I attempted paying the cashier in the cave (I don’t know why), they said I kept on telling the cashier lady “I will pay, take it, take it”.

(The last three pictures show that I am already tipsy lol)

We didn’t last long in the bar, which is different from the first one, it has a long bar and single stools where you can just sit and enjoy drinking with everybody. We didn’t last long because it was really expensive, like they gave us one serving of popcorn (isang mangkok bes) and we paid 700 JPN each, a bowl of popcorn costs 3,500 JPN (what the…) and a bottle of beer was 800 JPN.

past 2:00 a.m

We decided to go another bar where we could dance and ended up at Gotcha, our regular bar, we danced and partied. And lost tracked of time already. I remember that we partied and went up to another bar because it happened that the we knew the owner and invited us. The bar was closed but he opened it, we had been to this bar several times already. We had mixed up drinks but I’m quite sure I only had one shot. We went out the bar and went to Teo’s apartment, we had another beer and I played some songs, he has as DJ booth in his apartment and I didn’t even know what song I was playing, we decided to leave the place and leave Kaori and Teo together (oohh).

past 6:00 a.m

On our way home, Yurina told me  I was trying to steal a chair (a big one!) infront of a store, I knew I needed a chair but hell why am I stealing? Then I saw a cute big pot and tried to steal it too! And finally when I saw a big Christmas tree, I tried to grabbed everything, but ended up with a golden snowflake!

I couldn’t clearly remember all of this but Yurina told me everything. She wasn’t that drunk, thank G!

We went back home safely. Luckily before we drink I asked her to take care of my bag, where the key was. I can’t afford to lose another one today. Usually when I go out and drink with friends, I always ask someone to take care of my belongings especially keys and cellphone just in case I pass out and stuff.

Back to December 07, 2017

12:30 n.n

After Yurina left for work, I fell asleep and woke up threw up again. I was so hungry but my stomach isn’t accepting any food. I could feel my body trembling and my hands were numb. I forced myself to sleep and woke up at 2:00 in the afternoon, I cooked noodles and tried eating it while talking to my boyfriend. I threw up again but this time I felt better. I managed to finish the food and drank medicine for headache. I fell asleep while bf was talking to me on messenger. I woke up 8:00 in the evening and tried eating ham with 2 tablespoon of rice. I went out to buy pocari sweat to rehydrate and I felt better.


I should drink moderately next time.

Japanese are strong drinker, as well as English people. You are not them. Copy?

NEVER STEAL ANYTHING WHEN DRUNK. (I’m still thinkign about the snowflake today, what if there was a camera and they recorded my face. What if they show it on national television and they cancel my visa? I was imagining how the headline would be, “A Drunken Teacher Steals Snowflake”. Gosh. These are exaggerated but I can’t help it lol)

How about you? Do you have a drunken story?

I wanna know. Are you as crazy as me? Do you have weird things you do when you’re drunk? 🙂

Bored Sensei.


4 thoughts on “I Stole A Snow Flake.

  1. Go easy on the alcohol next time or you might end up waking up with a large christmas tree in your humble adobe and the owner of the store knocking sooo hard at your door as your alarm clock hahahaha I enjoyed reading this blog, didn’t notice that I was smiling the whole way and going to the comment section 😉


    1. Thank you Amielle! I still have lots to share and I also regret that I started writing too late 😦

      Anyways, I’m also grateful to find your blog, I have friends in the middle east but I have no idea what life is like in Abu Dabhi.


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