30DWC Day 1: My First Day Off This 2018


Today is Tuesday and it’s my first day off this year. YAY!

After coming back from Philippines for my winter holiday I started working the next day REAL QUICK. I didn’t even had chance to unpack my things and clean my house since then (I came back 11th of January). So to make the story short, my house is still a total disaster – until now.

Anyways… last night, I made a promise to write everyday consistently for 30 days, and this is my first entry. I will tell you how I normally spend my days off.

*insert drumrolls 

10:00 a.m

I woke up with a familiar sound of my door bell, I didn’t wait for a second ring and immediately went to my genkan and shouted “hai!hai!”. Is it normal? NO. I don’t usually do this but since I was expecting my orders from Amazon today (I was super duper excited for my orders kasi lol) I didn’t even bother checking the person’s face on my monitor after hearing “Yamato Delivery” (ofcourse it was Japanese).

After getting my orders, I went back to bed and curled inside my futon, but I couldn’t go back to sleep (as usual after getting an order from Amazon) and started opening my boxes. I really love unboxing,  ewan basta nakakakilig lol. 

I ordred a mini table! YAY! Bumili talaga ako ng mini table kasi yung mayayaman daw laging breakfast in bed, CHAROT.

Last Sunday I was browsing online shops because I was looking for laptop accessories and as usual I ended up buying unnecessary things. I didn’t plan on getting a lapdesk, I was thinking of getting a Yamazen table but my boyfriend saw this cute mini table and we both loved it.

The second item is a laptop case. I was really happy with the color and it fits perfectly well, I LOVE IT.

But then….

They sent me a wrong keyboard protector *sobs. The packaging descriptions were all correct but the product wasn’t. I was really disappointed. I logged on to their website and click return.

I was busy reading directions on how to return an item when a friend called me, we talked a bit and I was shookt to the bones when she told me she was having a migraine because her mother is PREGNANT and because of the age, she’s having complications and now in the hospital. Whuuttt girl? I still can’t believe it.

Anyways, after a loooong chat, I took my coat and went to the nearest bank, I sent her money (she didn’t ask for it nor mention anything about borrowing from me  but I know that feeling of what she’s going through right now). It was my first time to send money through my local bank but I was really glad that the man inside the bank speaks English. WEW. It didn’t take 5 minutes.


18 thoughts on “30DWC Day 1: My First Day Off This 2018

      1. Kalimutan ko meron nga pala exchange button, ang nailagay ko return. I got my refund though plus refund sa shipping fee. Lugi Lang ako ng 300 yen as 500 lang maximum na refund nila. I paid 800 for shipping.


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