30DWC Day 8: My Boyfriend Made Sushi For Me.


(Thank you for this meal-even tho I ate it virtually).

So today I received an urgent call from my boyfriend, I thought it was something really urgent. I couldn’t pick up the phone that time because I was in a restaurant and busy eating (I have to finish a meal in 20 minutes). He was asking what “dashi” is.

At first I thought he was just doing his website or just randomly asking words he saw that day. I came back home after work (it wasn’t busy, I only had one lesson and did some paperworks) but went out again because Iza and Hajime picked me up, it was a surprised visit, they asked me to go out with them. So I was in a hurry, I changed my clothes, I didn’t want to eat out with my suit because I still have to use it the next morning, and eating in a Japanese restaurant means getting a lot of food smoke. It was too late to notice that I’ve left my phone at home. We went to a yakiniku restaurant and I’ve met Iza’s boyfriend for the first time. He was so shy but later on he started talking to us.

I came back home around 11:30ish and hurriedly searched for my phone, I knew it, he was calling me the whole time. There were myriads of phone calls. I called him and I knew he was upset. After telling him what had happened, he told me he made some sushi for me, and he wanted to surprise me but I wasn’t answering his calls. Gommennasai.

I felt bad today, I could see how sad he was while talking to him. But I know, I know hundreds of ways to make him smile. And it never fails. He even laughed and we went back to the normal talking like nothing happened. Ohhh how I love this person! He even made a blog because I asked him to. He’s not fond of writing or doing things like this, but he’s trying. And I’m loving him more. He always do things to make me smile. He never fails to make my day complete by his simple acts. I know he would be mad about this but this is his little world-Β Koibito.

So that’s how my day ended. Happy? YES. More than.

How about you? What happened to your day? Did someone made you smile or extremely happy today? Or did you make someone mad? Did a friend of yours gave you a surprised visit?

Bored Sensei,


63 thoughts on “30DWC Day 8: My Boyfriend Made Sushi For Me.

  1. Aww this super sweet! :’) I wish someone can make a sushi for me, too. Haha. But I like maki more, which I heard medyo rare daw sa Japan kasi hindi naman talaga siya authentic. Parang “bastardized” version lang ng mga sushi rolls.


  2. Mixed emotions ako beshie. Takam. Tapos kiligs. Tapos inggit. WAHAHAHAHA. #SinglenessNotASickness CHARRRRRR. Gusto ko ng California Makiiiii. ASAP!


      1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hindi ba siya nangangagat? Kelangan ko ng NBI Clearance. Saka anong motto niya in life?


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