Walwal sa Japan πŸ™ƒ

Recently I just posted a blog how I stole a snowflake when I got wasted and the flashback how I got that wasted. I also made a promise to myself not to walwal anymore. But as I was browsing my photo album last night, I saw these pictures and I thought of making a blog but then I was too sleepy and fell asleep with my wp open and a title Walwal sa Japan. So I’m writing this early in the morning haha after I woke up and saw this (it’s a good reminder lol).

August 7, 2017

Our company union was having this quarterly meeting and invited one participant each school, it wasn’t compulsary but since I was extra and always looking for a free travel, I volunteered as a participant from Hamamatsu ganern. The meeting will be held in 2 places, Osaka and Tokyo but in different dates but there was a memo that we should choose the venue nearer to our school. And since I am from Hamamatsu which is in the middle of Osaka and Tokyo, I had a hard time. If I’m gonna choose Osaka, it would be great since I haven’t travel there, I’ve been there but just Universal Studios, but I don’t know anyone from there so I would be traveling alone and I also heard that there is a walwal party after meeting so it would be better if I have friends to have walwal with (I’m using too much of this word). So I decided to choose Tokyo, I’ve been there many times already but Tokyo never fails to amaze me.

fast forward …

So I took 2 holidays since the meeting wasn’t counted as working day. I went to Tokyo prepared, I took the shinkansen and followed all the guides and maps that our manager gave me. I was so lucky because it so happened that one of the staff from the meeting had lunch and saw me on the streets holding a map so he guessed I was a participant and took me to the venue, I would definitely get lost because the place was too hard to find. In fact, almost half of the participants wasn’t able to made it on time because they got lost.

So the meeting was all about the people’s voices and stuff about the company. I also realized that these people came here for deeper and bigger reasons, that hey have issues and things to discuss about the company, while I came because I just wanted to travel for free and party for free (I felt bad). I just listened as they discussed and had a sharing moment in the room, I kept silent and just sympathize the whole time because I have nothing to share, I am very contented and blessed with my school and the people around me.

5:00 pm

After the meeting we went to an Izakaya just 10 minutes walk away from the place.

That was me and Sheena, a teacher from, ohh wait I forgot, maybe Northern part of Japan. She also doesn’t have any problem at school so we had fun that day. They came a day earlier and had their sightseeing already before the day of the meeting. They stayed in Tokyo for 2 days.

One thing I learned why they always order beer first before anything else when you go out with your friends even if you don’t drink or planning to drink something else, because it would entertain you while waiting and it was the easiest to serve, just open the bottle, pour each one a drink and do the ritual “kampai” and the party just officially started.

Sino ba hindi makakakilala kay Sapporo? Ang bespren ni Empoy πŸ˜€
My first time to taste Sake – Japanese wine

Higball kampai!

As a teacher, we know that there would always be different kind of groups inside the classroom or in general. We go to the group of people that we’re compatible with. And today we had 3 tables, table 1 – people who shares the same problem and issues in their workplace, table 2 – they have issues too but they were the palabans and may mga pinaglalaban, some of them were elected as the union’s officer plus they all smoke. Last but not the least our table, well we don’t have issues, we just went there to walwal and meet new friends lol. We all have different plans after the party, I will go sightseeing the next morning, some will go directly to the airport, some will meet their boyfriends and stuff. We had fun a lot and ordered everything from the menu (they said we can, it’s free so). We laughed hard, drank hard (I’ve tried sake for the first time), and talked about silly things we did in Japan so far, we also encouraged one of us to flirt with the cute Japanese guys serving us (not me tho).

We slowed down when they caught our attention, we’re being too noisy already and they accused us of being drunk already (hindi kaya!). Shinong lasheeng?! haha. I was having a good time but I knew I wasn’t that drunk yet, I can’t. I still have to go to my friends house and meet them.

So I decided to leave the party before I got too drunk and sleep there lols. I went to Akihabara to buy a new phone (naks yaman), I already needed one. Can you imagine I survived Japan in 8 months without a number? without mobile internet? So when I finally got a simcard last week, I decided to buy a new phone, finally!!!


Iba pa rin talaga kapag pinoy kawalwalan, syempre kapag English tameme ako charot.

I am too blessed, sa workplace, sa manager ko, sa mga katrabaho ko at students.

I should always be thankful and grateful for everything I have. I always wish na sana sa Tokyo ako, sana ganito ang counselor namin, but hearing stories from them, I realized na ang sweete ko pala.

Hindi lahat ng nagaabroad sineswerte, but always take chances.

Actually I had too many that day pero sakin na muna sila πŸ™‚

Ano ang walwal kwento mo?

Bored Sensei.


25 thoughts on “Walwal sa Japan πŸ™ƒ

  1. Ang walwal kwento ko? Nah ..wag mo nang alamin! πŸ˜€ haha .. joke!

    Kidding aside, at my previous company, I finally learned to drink, kasi noon, pakunti kunti lang. Ayaw ko kasi sa lasa ng mga beer, tequila, ganun, but at my previous job, half of my workmates drink, kaya di maiwasan na tuwing kumakain kami sa labas pag libre ng Japanese na boss namin, na may inumang nagaganap, but the good thing is, they are not heavy drinkers, so nagpa-impluwensya ako. lol.
    I realized na it’s not bad at all but it should be with the right people. Hindi yung kani-kanino lang. πŸ˜€ So to answer the question, di pa naman umabot talaga sa walwalan. Nalasing ako one time, though, pero nawala naman agad kasi tinigil ko kaagad. Ang hirap na. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha . Yup. Natry ko din mag-offline dati, di lang Japanese students, kundi Korean, Taiwanese at Russians din, pero pinakagusto ko yung Japanese. Grabe yung pagvalue nila sa trabaho.
        Yung sa pag-inum naman, marunong din kong magkontrol. πŸ˜€


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